The Purpose Of The Federal Reserve
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Unlike the markets, members of the Fed are able to make decisions that are in exactly the wrong direction if they don’t limit themselves with a rules-based system.

Microfinance: Loans That Change Lives
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With as little as $25 you can begin loaning money to developing world entrepreneurs.

Government Requires 146 Minutes Of Service Each Day
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Without taxes, you could leave your job every day at 2:34 p.m

What Happened to the Gold Standard?
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The U.S. dollar was first regulated by the Coinage Act of 1792 and prescribed as 371.25 grains of pure silver. The eagle, worth $10, was 247.5 grains of gold. One cent, worth a hundredth of a dollar, was 24 grains … Read More

Why Is The Federal Reserve In Your Wallet?
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Members of the Federal Reserve openly admit it is not a federal agency.

What Exactly Is Quantitative Easing?
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Quantitative easing is a sneaky way to make everyone dealing in U.S. dollars pay off the U.S. debt.

How Does The Fed Control Interest Rates In A Free Market?
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Even as recently as 2007, banks were paying 4% interest. Now you have to go to the hundredth decimal before you find your interest rate.

Tax By Inflation
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In its simplest form, the government prints money and uses the newly printed currency to fund government spending.

Five Unbelievable Financial Advisor Regulations
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To comply, most firms must archive and report massive amounts of information. Here are five of the more interesting regulations.

Every Business Should Start a 401(k)
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The president’s hope to restrict the plans should actually make owners more interested in creating one.

Republicans: Defining the Three Factions
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Which part of the conservative party appeals best to you: promoting the welfare of big business, legislating morality or advocating personal freedom and responsibility?

Is Social Security Stealing Your Chance Of Being A Millionaire?
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Social Security withdrawals have enslaved workers to depend on government largess when they could have been independently wealthy.

Obama Expands the Permanently Unemployed
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The economics of the job market are complicated, and an executive order can’t grant America a higher wage.

Obama’s myRA Plan Violates Multiple ERISA Laws
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Willful violations of ERISA legislation carry criminal penalties of up to a year in prison for the plan sponsor and a fine of up to $100,000 for the corporation.

Can You Fact-Check Without Reading the Article?
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Both authors claimed there were errors in our article all the while agreeing with our assessment of the unemployment numbers.

Economic Freedom Matters 2014
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Economic freedom enriches society, lifts the poor out of poverty and respects the agency and dignity of human choice.

Should We Wallow in the Rising Stock Market?
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The stock market can occasionally benefit from the misery index.

How Long Should I Keep Financial and Tax Records?
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Whenever the IRS challenges you, the burden of producing evidence that your claims are true rests entirely with you.

Sensational Headlines Capture Nation’s Attention
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In addition to learning how a viral story can get many of the facts wrong, another more important lesson can be learned from this experience.

Five Things More Important Than Politics
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This holiday season, remember to cherish the important values of life.

Eight People Obama Charged with Espionage
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Prior to the Obama administration, only three espionage cases had ever been brought.

NSA Blanket Surveillance Unconstitutional
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“What is remarkable is that is actually acknowledging it is illegal.”

Seven Facts About World Health Care According to WHO
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This WHO 2000 Statistical Report was the study used to justify and promote the Affordable Care Act. Here are seven facts about this so-called research lurking behind politicians’ claims that our health care system is in crisis

Wealth Inequality in America, Part 5
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A change in attitude is needed for the poor to develop a wealth-generating mindset.

Wealth Inequality in America, Part 3
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Even the negative or inconsequential effects of welfare often fail to convinced some people that a new system of assistance is necessary.

Wealth Inequality in America, Part 2
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Blaming the 85% with 100% of the wealth for the poverty of the remaining 15% is unreasonable. The two are unrelated.

Republican Genius: Budgeting One Item At A Time
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The partisan deadlock offers us a novel opportunity to reach consensus.

Wealth Inequality In America
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The video “Wealth Inequality in America” is not only misleading, but the research methods of its underlying study are laughable.

Safety Second
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Fun first. Freedom first. Innovation first. Financial goals first. But not safety. No one says, “That looks safe; I wonder if it is fun.”

Should We Hate the Richest Kids in the Graveyard?
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“They don’t deserve it!” is the most common complaint. And in most cases it’s true

Do Investors Deserve to Make Money?
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When I work my 9 to 5 job and earn a paycheck, I receive a paper certificate I can trade in for the real reward of my labor. But why do investors get a reward?

Natural Rights: Is the Only Moral Code Legal Entitlement?
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A recent letter from a reader expressed the claim that there is no such thing as natural rights. Could he be right?

Is Obamacare Responsible for a Jobless Recovery?
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Three part time employees equals two full time employees while avoiding $4,000 in annual fines.

Do We Have a Right to Health Care?
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The Affordable Care Act encourages everyone to get health care insurance by punishing those who don’t. Proponents of Obamacare justify this saying that health care is a human right. But is it?

Detroit’s Bankruptcy Doesn’t “Just Happen”
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Corporations go bankrupt for a wide variety of reasons, but there’s only one reason for municipalities.

The Right to Privacy of Correspondence Is Inviolate
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We need to protect more of our natural rights by enumerating them.

PRISM Would Have Jailed Thomas Jefferson Long Before 1773
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If there isn’t a strong enough outcry, these practices will become institutionalized.

The Confederate Constitution: What Your Elementary School Didn’t Teach You
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Some of the Confederate edits to the Constitution would have helped prevent a lot of the federal mischief we’ve experienced.

Protective Tariffs: The Primary Cause of the Civil War
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Many Americans do not fully understand the causes of the Civil War.

What Our Founding Fathers Got Wrong
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It’s hard to believe they would both protest a tariff-created monopoly at the Boston Tea Party and then create one at the first congress.

How to Make Money Paying Virginia Income Tax
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Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this tax code oddity.

Government Officials Should Not Be Allowed to Plead the Fifth
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Without public accountability, people are rightly suspicious that even the legitimate operations of government are corrupt.

The Optimum Asset Allocation to Gold Is Always Zero
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Fearful of monetary or societal failure, many hope that owning gold will bring them peace of mind.

Marketplace Fairness Act Burdens Businesses with State Compliance Audits
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Compliance isn’t just a technical burden. It is a threat of legal liability. The bill allows state tax audits by any state against any online vendor.

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