Our Clients

When we accept a client, we see the relationship as a lifetime partnership and will continue to serve you for as long as we have together. As a result, we provide ongoing investment management services for our clients and investment advice for our clients’ families.

Our preferred fee structure, based on a percentage of assets under management, is intended to foster open door communications with our clients. Clients are encouraged to contact us throughout the year whenever they have financial questions at no additional charge. As Fee-Only advisors, the only compensation we receive comes from you, the client, allowing us to better provide unbiased financial advice.

Clients who will benefit most from our “Comprehensive” service level have at least $1,000,000 of manageable assets. If you meet this profile and are interested in considering our services, there is no reason to hesitate; contact us. Our prospective client meetings are free, and we look forward to meeting you!

In addition to our “Comprehensive” service level, we also offer some of our services in a “Do-It-Yourself” service level that has a lower annual fee and no minimum. Basic services include asset allocation design and portfolio management using Schwab’s Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, an automated investment management platform. Some additional services are available for an additional charge. To get started with our “Do-It-Yourself” service, see our Do-It-Yourself Getting Started page.

Our Comprehensive Process

Get to Know You

We begin every relationship listening to you. Understanding your financial goals is critical to every aspect of our services.

In our initial communications, you can expect to be asked questions like, “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” and “What is your money for?”

We are very patient in this step, continuing to get to know one another until you are ready to sign our Investment Advisory Agreement.

Gather Data & Set-Up Accounts

You are an integral part of our investment design process, which is why at each step of the way we ensure proper collaboration.

Our first step is gathering information through our New Client Fact Finder and talking with you about your account needs. Once we are on the same page, we present the forms required to either transfer your existing accounts under our management or set-up new accounts for your review and signature.

Develop Plan

We aim to have transparent conversations with you about possible investment plan designs and implementations, seeking your approval before we act. As our client, you can expect to be presented with comprehensive financial plans custom-made for your specific situation and goals, which we will wait to implement until we hear your feedback.

In the new client process, we take this opportunity to craft your Investment Policy Statement, including a general and specific asset allocation recommendation. We will wait for your approval of this plan before proceeding, editing the strategy as many times as is necessary to best meet your goals.

Implement Plan

After your collaboration and approval, we implement your investment plan. During new client onboarding, this is a gradual process. We will carefully move your portfolio from where you were before coming to us towards your new targets as agreed upon in the Investment Policy Statement.

We use a structured workflow system to coordinate our team efforts and ensure the accurate and consistent implementation of each financial plan we design for you.


After implementation, we monitor your portfolio for progress towards your goals, offering more services of comprehensive wealth management as your needs for them arise.

During this time, you will meet our ensemble team of specialists as they use their specific expertise to help bring each aspect of your financial life in line with your goals. Among other services, you will likely be offered a review of your tax return as part of our Tax Planning service, help with any Required Minimum Distributions you may need, and a double check on the accurate implementation of your estate plan through our Estate Planning service.


We aim to build long-term relationships with all of our clients and are committed to helping our clients manage their financial affairs for the rest of their life.

When we accept a new client into our services, we see the relationship as a lifetime partnership and will continue to serve you for as long as we have together.

As we continue the relationship, we will rebalance your portfolio periodically, respond to your financial questions, review any changes in your goals or circumstances, revisit your asset allocation and Investment Policy Statement periodically, review your progress toward your goals, and continue to offer you more services to help you stay on track at meeting your goals.