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Individual Foreign Health Care in Review (December 2021)
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An initial equal weight strategy of these 26 companies implemented on January 1, 2021 and held without further buys or sells through December 31, 2021 had a +8.64% advantage over the foreign healthcare benchmark.

#BestOf2021 Can Someone Else Gift to My Roth IRA?
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Many people think that Roth IRA contributions can only be from earned income. Those people are only half right.

Design Your 2022 Savings Waterfall (Podcast)
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In this podcast, I discuss my recent article “Account Funding Priorities for 2022” and describe a savings waterfall for 2022. The idea is when new money flows your way, which one of these buckets is it going to land in?

Setting Your Children Up for Financial Success (Podcast)
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On the podcast, I share my experiences from my own parenting and how we can set ourselves and our children up for financial success.

#BestOf2021 Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?
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Many financial writers get the answer to this question wrong.

Freedom Investing in Review (December 2021)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending December 31, 2021, Developed Freedom Investing had a -0.12% disadvantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a +1.27% advantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a +0.21% advantage.

Spam Analysis: Proprietary Stop-Loss Methodology
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It is important to understand your investment philosophy well enough to know what they aren’t telling you.

#BestOf2021 What are the Tax Rates for an Inherited IRA?
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The tax code is confusing. Are inherited IRAs taxed at estate rates? As income? At all? This article answers.

An Updated RMD Calculator (New Divisors for 2022)
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There are different tables and formulas used to calculate your RMD divisor based on your particular circumstances. Here is a calculator for the three most common.

2022 Tax Facts
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Here is a reference chart with 2022 income tax rates, capital gains rates, retirement contribution limits, and more.

#TBT Financial Help for the New Year
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A 2007 article that stands the test of time. This is the year you should keep your financial resolutions. Getting help from an objective advisor can provide both a powerful catalyst for action and real peace of mind.

How to Spend: Be Quick to Return
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Look at new items with a side eye and think, “Do I really want you here?”

Introduction to Freedom Investing (Podcast)
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On Friday, November 5, 2021, Megan Russell was interviewed by Michael Morton of Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs podcast to discuss Freedom Investing.

#TBT Marotta on A Christmas Carol
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Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is one of the best stories for talking about economics. This 2003 – 2012 series uses the classic tale to illustrate different financial personalities, principles, and philosophies.

How to Avoid an IRMAA Medicare Premium Surcharge 2022
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To avoid getting issued an IRMAA, you can proactively tell the SSA of any changes your income has seen in the past two years using a “Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount – Life-Changing Event” form.

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