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Q&A: Do I Need to File Schedule H for My Child’s Wages?
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I do not need to file Schedule H and imagine that most parent household employers also do not need to file this schedule.

CARES Act Creates a $300 Charitable Contribution Deduction for the Standard Deduction
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Congress enabled those who are taking the standard deduction to deduct $300 of charitable giving if they do not itemize.

If You Act Fast, You Can Undo Your 2020 RMD Thanks to the CARES Act
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Among the temporary measures, Congress waived required minimum distribution (RMD) requirements for only tax year 2020.

‘You Make Most Of Your Money In A Bear Market; You Just Don’t Realize It At The Time’
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You don’t have to time the market to make money in the market. In fact, timing the market is usually a losers game as the market often pushes your emotions to do exactly the wrong thing.

The Lower The Market Falls The More Important It Is To Stay Invested
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A recovery after a significant downturn in the markets is often market by steep growth.

Funding a 3-Year-Old’s Roth IRA
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My daughter was employed at her first job, earned her first income, and was able to fund her Roth IRA for the first time.

Is ‘Sell The Bounce’ A Good Investing Strategy?
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“Sell the bounce” is never a good strategy because of the first word.

13 Financial Actions to Consider During Market Downturns Like This
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Market returns are out of your control. These thirteen actions are in your control.

Roth Conversions are More Valuable During Bear Markets
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Convert something today. Convert because the markets are down, or maybe convert just because you likely won’t regret it in 30 years when the markets will likely be up a lot more than they are now.

Bear Markets Look Worse on Schwab.com
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Now that we are in the midst of a bear market, investment returns are down 20% or more and Schwab’s personal value chart makes it look even worse.

#TBT Revisiting 2008 When The Markets Were Dropping
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In retrospect, it is clear that it was a good time to rebalance your portfolio, selling some of the bonds that you were so glad you had and buying more of the very stocks you were so worried about.

How Can I Sleep at Night with My Assets in the Stock Market?
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There are two critically important investment principles during retirement: 1) Stay calm and 2) Rebalance.

When Will The Markets Stop Dropping in 2020?
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For many investors glued to the news, the global outlook appears to be perilous with no prospects of growth for the world economy.

Radio: Financial Peace in Days of Volatility
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As the stock market trends upward, this dip in market prices can be perceived as stocks being discounted and is likely a great time to buy low.

#TBT The Democratization Of Wealth
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George Marotta reminds us in this 2002 article, “Each person can best help society by developing his or her talents to the fullest. In the process, some will earn very large incomes, but that’s OK.”

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