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#TBT The Democratization Of Wealth
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George Marotta reminds us in this 2002 article, “Each person can best help society by developing his or her talents to the fullest. In the process, some will earn very large incomes, but that’s OK.”

CFP Board Cannot Be Expected To Discriminate Based on Fee-Only
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The CFP Board is compensation neutral, but it is only because of how they are paid.

#TBT How to Change a 529 Plan Account Owner
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When a 529 plan is set up, there are two important people associated with the account. The first is the account owner. The second is the beneficiary. Both can be changed.

Lower Expense Ratios, Higher Returns
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This simple example demonstrates the importance of expense ratio.

#TBT Open a Roth IRA Today or Regret It Later
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Roth IRAs have one weakness, but the remedy is to have opened and funded your Roth more than 5 years ago. So do it today!

Biden Sets Aim on Specific Taxpayers
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Biden’s state of the union address makes clear who he wants to tax.

#TBT How to Pay Off Student Loans While Building Wealth
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With many of us saddled in student loan debt well into our late thirties, our retirement cannot wait for us to be debt free. This 2016 rewrite of a 2007 article teaches you how to get started with savings while repaying your loans.

Charles Schwab Bank Fraud Dept Text Message Scam
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We recently had a client fall prey to a sophisticated Schwab Bank scam. They gave us permission to share this fraud story with you to hopefully prevent others from being scammed.

Less Economic Growth & More Taxes Without Congressional Action
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Alas, there is only one thing we can do to help dictate which kind of tax system we face and that is vote.

An Overview of Marotta’s 2024 Gone-Fishing Portfolios
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For our standard gone-fishing portfolio, we made two changes.

Marotta’s 2024 Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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This gone-fishing portfolio is our default portfolio which can be used at any custodian.

Marotta’s 2024 Vanguard Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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We recommend this gone-fishing portfolio for investors with brand loyalty to Vanguard.

Marotta’s Gone-Fishing Portfolio: Review of 2023 Returns
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Last year, our 2023 Marotta’s Gone-Fishing Portfolio was a recommendation of 12 stock investments. This article is to report on the 2023 performance of those twelve stocks.

#TBT Slow and Steady Wins the Race
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In 2003, David stopped to rescue a snapping turtle from 250 West. Even now, the financial planning lessons from that turtle are still sage advice.

College Saving Strategies: One-Time Gift or Monthly Contribution?
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Once you have calculated the funding requirements for your college savings goals, there are three strategies for funding the accounts.

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