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Radio: David Marotta on Real Estate Matters (December 2020)
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On December 19, 2020, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Real Estate Matters with host Michael Guthrie.

#TBT Do I Need to Pay Tax on This 1099-R?
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The given numbers on a 1099-R are insufficient to be able to fill out your tax return correctly. Knowledge of what was actually done is required in order to file your taxes accurately.

Life Lesson #1: You Shouldn’t Need Saving
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No limp arms. Keep your hands up. Budget for emergencies.

Radio: Savings Waterfall for 2021
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Which account you should fund depends on your circumstances. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow to make your decision.

How Should I Vote My Shares?
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You are not obligated to vote just because you own shares.

#TBT How to Report a Backdoor Roth or Nondeductible Contribution on Your Tax Return
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This 2020 article is for tax preparers of the world. If you did a backdoor Roth this year, send it to yours.

The Case for Investing in Foreign Health Care
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When reviewing our Foreign allocations, we discovered that the foreign Health Care sector has shown high risk-adjusted performance.

Never Say Debit, Despite Dave Ramsey
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The only correct answer to Debit or Credit is “Credit!”

The Market Isn’t Made Up. It Is Made.
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The value of a stock is simply what people are willing to pay for it.

2021 Performance Report for Marotta’s Gone-Fishing Portfolios (2012-2020)
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Our Gone-Fishing Portfolios are free to use portfolios that take advantage of the no-transaction-fee, low-cost ETFs or mutual funds of each major custodian. Over the years, we’ve changed the funds and the allocations as new research or securities reveal improvements.

An Overview of Marotta’s 2021 Gone-Fishing Portfolios
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A gone-fishing portfolio is a portfolio of just a few stocks which should weather the ups and downs of the market fairly well while only rebalancing twice a year.

Marotta’s 2021 Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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This gone-fishing portfolio is our default portfolio which can be used at any custodian.

Marotta’s 2021 Vanguard Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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We recommend this gone-fishing portfolio for accounts hosted at Vanguard.

#TBT How Do You Value a Gift of Stock for Taxes?
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This straightforward article about how to value your charitable gifts of appreciated stock may help you in preparing your tax return this year.

We Added Individual Stocks to Our Foreign Allocations (January 2021)
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We believe these 26 companies will be an effective weight to add foreign healthcare to our portfolios.

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