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Looking Backward on Socialism: Fulfilled By Different Countries
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Edward Bellamy’s novel “Looking Backward” moved hearts and minds, ultimately moving nations and history.

The Uncommon Average of Investment Returns
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The markets are inherently volatile, but they have also been inherently profitable. Setting your expectations accurately can help you stay invested long enough to overlook disappointing results and experience the long-term growth you are seeking.

Nice is Different Than Good (Financial Lessons from Into the Woods)
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Nice is different from good. You want a good financial planner not just a nice one.

Looking Backward On Socialism: A Radical Denial Of Human Nature
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One of the most common socialist assumptions is that it is possible to perfect society.

Retirement Wisdom (The Series)
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In 2004, David Marotta wrote a seven part series originally titled “Retirement Wisdom.” The series explained the the seven principles to reaching your retirement goals.

In Which Investment Vehicle Should I Stage My Spending Money?
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Your asset allocation matters to maintaining a balance in retirement of having money for the next 5 to 7 years and keeping up with inflation for time periods of 8 years or longer.

Spam Analysis: The “Protect Your Income” Pitch of Immediate Annuities
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Understanding the most powerful sales techniques doesn’t change the fact that they tend to work.

Do You Know What You Wish? (Financial Lessons from Into the Woods)
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Knowing what you want is important to directing the course of your life. To have a better life, you need to have a purpose for both you and your money.

How to Switch to Paperless Delivery at Schwab
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To avoid a higher trading fee at Schwab, it is in your best interest to turn on paperless delivery for everything that you can.

AAII’s Charles Rotblut on Rebalancing
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How to measure the rebalancing bonus and the benefits of staying invested after a market drop.

Q&A: Can I Reimburse More Than My Actual Room and Board Expenses From My 529 Plan?
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Every school sets a budget or allowance for room and board, referred to as the cost of attendance. Are you allowed to reimburse yourself for the entire amount of Room and Board even if you did not spend that much?

How To Set Beneficiary Designations At RiversEdge
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Designating your beneficiaries is an important step in setting up and managing your retirement plan account.

Avoid the Christian Financial Planners Directory
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I cannot imagine any consumer who, if they understood how such a select list of advisers was actually compiled, would use this list. Why limit yourself only to firms willing to pay a referral service to endorse them?

Q&A: How Do I Use a 529 to Reimburse for Housing at a School Abroad?
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The first step to answering this question is to check that the school you want to attend is an eligible educational institution.

Many Websites Are Merely Side Hustles
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Be on your guard to avoid wasting money following the advice of an article written to maximize revenue.

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