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Freedom Investing in Review (June 2022)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending June 30, 2022, Developed Freedom Investing had a -1.19% disadvantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a +0.46% advantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a -0.12% disadvantage.

#TBT Open a Roth IRA Today or Regret It Later
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Roth IRAs have one weakness, but the remedy is to have opened and funded your Roth more than 5 years ago. So do it today!

A Closer Look at Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF (FRDM)
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FRDM is interesting, but using our country specific funds plus a low cost Vanguard Emerging Market fund allows us to emphasize freedom for as low a cost as possible.

Big Mac Index Shows Official CPI Under Reports Inflation (2022)
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I decided to see if McDonald’s famous burger was still appreciating faster than the CPI. It has been.

#TBT What Are Normal Market Movements?
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It is common for investors to be surprised by movements in their portfolios. This 2019 article reminds us though that even volatile movements can be quite normal.

No Way To Tell If This Bear Market Is A Bull Yet
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Rather than trying to time your investments based on one or the other, the advice is simple. Stay the course. Invest. Rebalance.

Life Lesson #7: Talk to the Duck
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This common gift to new computer programmers hides a life lesson for us all.

#TBT Before You Get Out Of The Stock Market, Read This
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When you get out of the markets, you have made a huge gamble with your retirement money, and now the stakes are high.

This Month, Here’s How We Tilted (June 2022)
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This month, the forward P/E ratios showed considerable variation with many sectors returning to a fairer valuation.

Hoover Fellow Criticizes Faculty For Their Partisanship (June 1988)
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This letter to the editor from George Marotta was published in The Stanford Daily on June 24, 1988.

#TBT A Guide to the Bear Markets
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This series on each Bear Market helps remind us that there is nothing to fear.

Current Inflation vs. Expected Inflation (June 2022)
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Currently, 12-month inflation is 8.58% and the crowdsourced expected inflation is 2.88%. Here’s what to do.

States with Tax-Exempt Interest from U.S. Debt Obligations
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As always, it is best to confer with a tax professional on matters such as these.

#TBT Q&A: Can a 529 Reimburse for Last Year’s Expenses?
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Unfortunately, neither “yes” nor “no” is a correct answer to this question.

A Second Dip Turns to Bear Market (June 2022)
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Stay the course. Rebalance. Don’t peek.

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