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Six Ways Regulation Best Interest Falls Short of a Fiduciary Standard
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The SEC is allowing financial professionals to hide in a lower legal requirement, not meet a fiduciary standard, and call it “Best Interest.”

Core Values Budgeting: One Strategy to Identify Budgeting Changes
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Here is a strategy that can both help you identify what you value and help you start your budget.

How to Budget for Emergencies: Other Large Expenses
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Financial shocks can come in all shapes and sizes. This strategy of budgeting should increase your chance for success over the long haul.

Q&A: How Should I Balance Retirement Savings With Other Needs?
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Anything which is not contributing toward your financial independence should be considered part of your lifestyle spending.

The Cost of Keeping Some Money Safe
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Keeping $100,000 might cost you $500,000 in lost opportunity costs over 20 years.

2019 Social Security Facts on Its 84th Birthday
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Social Security just turned 84 years old today (August 14, 2019). It has stayed alive on the false sentiment of sunk costs.

SEC Regulation Best Interest Does Not Have Your Best Interests At Heart
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On June 5th, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released their final draft of Reg BI, or “Best Interest” as it is called.

How to Budget for Emergencies: Pay Cut
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Whatever technique you use to smooth your income, providing for the possibility of having a sudden reduction in income can help your family self-ensure against this potential financial shock.

Q&A: Can I Still Use a QCD to Get State Tax Credits?
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If a portion of your charitable gift is nondeductible, then no portion of the gift can be counted as a Qualified Charitable Distribution. But there is one accepted loophole for QCDs.

How to Calculate Safe Spending Rate from a Fixed Pension
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Setting aside some of the payment to cover future inflation is a prudent retirement planning practice.

State Tax Credits: Navigating the New IRS Rules to Find Tax Savings
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This June, the IRS came out with their final ruling on how charitable gifts to receive state tax credits will be handled. This is how the strategy works now.

How to Budget for Emergencies: Trip to Hospital
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This is the financial shock of a trip to hospital. It is upsetting, expensive, and unexpected.

Looking Backward On Socialism: A False Appeal To Nordic Countries
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The appeal to the Nordic countries from socialists is a false one. Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway are examples of market economies, not socialism.

All About Elizabeth Woodrum, CFP®
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We are very pleased to announce that Elizabeth Woodrum is our newest CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional at Marotta Wealth Management!

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