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An Honest Conversation About Compensation
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For the proper Victorian, acts of love and money should not mix.

#TBT Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax
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Maybe if we say it enough, it will actually get done. “The correct rate for the capital gains tax is zero, zip, nada. Perhaps it is even negative!”

Where to Get a Second Opinion on Your Insurance Policy
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If you ask, the broker will gladly tell you how much of that type they’d recommend getting, but not whether you need it in the first place.

2019 Tax Facts
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Here is a cheat sheet with information about the 2019 tax brackets and contribution limits that should help as you do your tax planning for the year.

Estate Settlement: Satisfying the Year of Death RMD
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The required IRA distribution in the year the account owner dies is called a Year of Death RMD.

#TBT Business Planning Must Balance Dreams With Reality
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This 2004 article contains the five steps you should take to navigate how to make your business venture more than just a dream.

The Complete Guide to Planned and Charitable Giving
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Taking these few extra steps can maximize your gift’s benefit to both you and the recipient.

Is ‘Buy On The Dips’ A Good Investing Strategy?
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“Buy on the dips” is a good strategy only because of the first word.

Roth Conversions and the Virginia Age Deduction Phase-Out
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Federal AGIs between $75,000 and $99,000 of couples over age 65 begin to lose this age-based special treatment and lose the tax savings they had at lower income levels.

#TBT High Prices For Energy Are Good!
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This 2001 post from George Marotta reminds us that “If prices are determined by the market place, there is never a ‘shortage’ of anything. There is an excess of demand because energy prices are too low.”

You Should Fund Your HSA for The Maximum
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We recommend that you fund your Health Savings Account (HSA) to the maximum limit each year and that you keep funding it to the maximum as long as you can no matter how much money you have in the account.

A Closer Look at the 529 Expansion Reveals Uncertainty and Disappointment About Lower Education Expenses
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A closer look at the U.S. Code reveals a bit of uncertainty but a lot of promise.

How to Fund Your Roth By Using Another Schwab Account
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Here is a clear guide on how to transfer funds between your Schwab accounts.

#TBT That Rebate Check Could Ruin Your Retirement
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This 2008 article reminds us that anyone who spends more than 4% of their rebate will actually lose ground saving toward their retirement.

An Overview of Marotta’s 2019 Gone-Fishing Portfolios
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A gone fishing portfolio is a portfolio of just a few stocks which should weather the ups and downs of the market fairly well while only rebalancing twice a year.

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