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What to Expect Now That the S&P 500 Reached 5,000
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If this level of volatility isn’t your expectation, you are not yet familiar with normal volatility in the markets.

Freedom Investing in Review (December 2023)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending December 31, 2023, Developed Freedom Investing had a -3.97% disadvantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a +4.9% advantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a -1.27% disadvantage.

#TBT Cash Has Been the Riskiest Investment
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This 2007 post reminds that because of inflation the value of cash trends down, encourages you to protect your portfolio against a falling dollar, and reveals an inconsistency with CPI calculations and actual inflation.

The Complete Guide to IRA Contributions and Withdrawals
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Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are one of the most important account types, and understanding the difference between Roth and traditional contributions and withdrawals is foundational to tax planning.

#TBT Diversify and Rebalance More Than Just Your Investments
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Life is volatile, risky, and on average rewarding. Diversification and rebalancing help to protect yourself from the volatility.

Q&A: What Happens to an Inherited IRA RMD After a Multi-Beneficiary Trust Dissolution?
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While not the most favorable RMD rules imaginable, I’m sure it is still a relief to know that you don’t need to navigate the new SECURE Act rules just because you dissolved the trust.

#BestOf2023 Why the Verizon Visa Credit Card is My Primary Card
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I have adopted this card as the primary one in my wallet for groceries and gas.

Investment News You Maybe Missed (2022 Bear Market)
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Hopefully, you didn’t bother looking, and I can be the first to tell you.

IRS Guidance on Pension-Linked Emergency Savings Account (PLESA)
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What procedure can you put in place to prevent employer match churning? That is still unclear.

#BestOf2023 How to Use Form SSA-44 To Save Money
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If the form is accepted, the Social Security Administration will generally not only change your current IRMAA, but they will also use your Projected MAGI for the next several years. Here’s why.

Tax Changes in 2026 (Radio)
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After over a decade of broken promises and rising costs, our need for a more sustainable tax system is acutely felt.

Today Was An Intraday Recovery (January 2024)
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While we still cannot call the end of the Bear Market from this performance, today’s returns strongly suggest that 15 months ago, October 12, 2022 was the end of this bear market.

#BestOf2023 At 65, Does the 5-Year Roth Rule Matter?
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For those over age 59 1/2, you would need to withdraw all funds attributable to basis before your withdrawal would be sourced from Roth IRA earnings and the age of your Roth IRA would matter for taxation.

Account Funding Priorities for 2024
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A savings waterfall helps investors navigate the financial complexity available to them.

How to Correct Excess Backdoor Roth Contributions
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While an excess or failed backdoor Roth can feel very stressful to solve, it is a normal and quick fix for your qualified financial custodian.

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