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Some Financial Planners Are Not Like The Others
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I recommend the NAPFA search tool and suggest you avoid the CFP Board’s search tool until they change how they do their searches.

Life Lesson #4: When Your Soap Runs Out
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I think of these four lessons when I refill my soap dispenser.

#TBT The Real and Present Danger of Inflation, Even for Babies
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Investors greatly underestimate the danger of inflation.

How to Spend: Go To The Source
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Imagine how much you could save if you could cut all your expenses in half!

Q&A: Amount Paid in Non-Cash?
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I would recommend that you strive to pay your children $0 in non-cash compensation. Let them purchase their own rewards.

Should I Invest In The Harry Dent Sector Fund in Australia?
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We would suggest not listening to Dent’s commentary or investing in his fund.

#TBT Never Lend to Family Without a Contract
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This 2015 article reminds us how unspoken expectations can cause relational strife but a written contract can protect the relationship.

Systemic Barriers to Racial Diversity in Financial Planning
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All of these factors contribute to the low inclusion of people of color among those holding the CFP® certification.

Review: Bank of America Credit Card
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Recently, I signed up for the Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card offering a $200 online cash rewards bonus and 3% cash back in the category of your choice.

Q&A: Can I Rollover Funds from My Spouse’s HSA?
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If you are married, instead of only opening and funding one HSA, you may benefit from splitting the contribution limit and funding both.

#TBT One Method To Estimate Future Inflation Expectations
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One method of crowd sourcing expectations about inflation is to look at the current differences between the maturity rates of a 5-Year Treasury Bond and a 5-Year Treasury Inflation-Indexed Bond.

Seven Elder Abuse Scams and How to Protect Yourself
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Here are the most common elder scams and how to prevent them.

Freedom Investing in Review (June 2021)
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This article is part of my series where I review how Freedom Investing performs for the quarter.

How to See Completed Trades on Schwab.com
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You can easily view the trades that have been placed in your Schwab account(s) online by following a few simple steps.

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