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Virginia 529: What Counts as a Unique Account for Per-Account Deductions?
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Oddly enough, what qualifies something as a unique account is both a unique account registration and investment portfolio selection.

How to Add, Edit, or Remove a Trusted Contact at Schwab
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This designation gives both Schwab and your financial advisor the permission to contact the named individual if either of us were ever concerned that you or your finances were being taken advantage of.

Impact Investing Could Do the Opposite of Its Intentions
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If a morally questionable idea is a valuable money maker, then your avoidance of that fund will only give more wealth to those whose conscience is clear investing in it.

#TBT How to Budget for Emergencies: Trip to Hospital
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This is the financial shock of a trip to hospital. It is upsetting, expensive, and unexpected.

Six Reasons to Sell for a Loss
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Even though a holding has gone down, there can be several advantages to selling it anyway. Here are six reasons you may want to sell for a loss.

The Inconsistency of Compliance is Demonstrated by SEC ADV Part 1: Item 8G(1) Soft Dollar Benefits
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Identical firms answer questions like these differently making the resulting data meaningless and useless. If anyone wants to use this data, the SEC will need to standardize answers first. If no one wants to use this data, we should eliminate the burden of providing it.

Account Balance vs. Time-Weighted Return
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In market downturns, often the newest investor reports recovering the fastest due to a simple reporting error.

#TBT Give Generously During Hard Times
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This 2008 article has wisdom for our current downturn, “As a response to the recent market correction, you can enrich your life in three healthy ways: Cut back your spending, increase your savings, and give more generously to charities of your choice.”

Seven States Sue The SEC To Vacate Regulation ‘Best Interest’
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At stake is if the SEC is allowed to redefine what the phrase “best interest” means to make it mean something less than your actual real-world best interests.

Hong Kong Still Has a Place in Freedom Investing
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Hong Kong has always been an anomaly: a tiny, extremely free country with an expiration date in 2047.

The Best Way to Fund a Charles Schwab Account
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After you have opened your account, there are many methods of contributing to or funding your Charles Schwab account. The best and easiest four methodologies are as follows.

Before August 31: Another Chance to Redistribute Your 2020 RMD
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This latest notice now gives both seniors and heirs who have not yet been able to put their formerly RMD funds back into their IRAs the chance of redistributing those funds to the IRA that distributed them.

Radio: A Discussion on Welfare Hypocrisy
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On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show with Rob Schilling to refute the hypocrisy of taking a tax credit while opposing the legislation.

Should I Change My Strategy During the Presidential Election Cycle?
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Should investors get out of the markets during an election year?

More Freedom Investing Added to Marotta’s Schwab IIP Asset Allocation (June 2020)
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As a result of new fund additions, we added five new country-specific funds to our Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolio asset allocations.

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