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How to Calculate Fair Market Value if the Date of Death Is on a Weekend?
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Calculating the fair market value of property varies in difficulty depending on the type of property and the date of death.

#TBT How Does The Fed Control Interest Rates In A Free Market?
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This 2014 article is a good reminder of how interest rates work in our country.

The Art and Science of a Bond Allocation (529 Plan Example)
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Adding more Stability to an asset allocation isn’t an easy issue. It takes science to know how much bonds you need. It takes artistry to gradually adjust your asset allocation over time. 

Q&A: Do I Need a Contract to Employ My Child?
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Employment contracts have their origins in very old master-servant laws. With no employment contract, you can better protect your child’s freedom and childhood.

#TBT How to Order New Schwab Checks
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Schwab has recently required that everyone with older checkbooks reorder new ones. This recent guide should help you with this process.

Founder’s Day: Celebrating George Marotta (Part 2)
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My grandfather served in Japan during World War 2. He turns 96 this year.

I Was Lucky To Be a 502
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George Marotta remembers his time serving in World War II.

On the Home Front During World War II
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As Edward R. Morrow would say at the close of his popular news broadcasts, “And that is the way it was on the home front during World War II.”

More Self-Control Leads to Wiser Spending, Not Less Spending
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In this article, I am defending the use of self-control in your financial habits.

Our Answers to 8 Common Prospective Client Questions
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We recently received the following questions from a prospective client. Here are our answers.

#TBT Tax By Inflation
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Inflation has at least four grievous effects on our economy. This 2014 article explains them.

Q&A: Can I Hire My Child If I Have a Solo-401(k)?
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You can find out if your child or other employee qualifies by reviewing your 401(k) plan document.

The Two Koreas
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After my military service in World War II, I warned fellow students that “there is going to be trouble in Korea!”

#TBT Five Reasons to Have Some Cash Equivalents
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Staying fully invested is an important part of your financial plan. Yet still, there are at least five reasons to hold cash.

The Pitfall of ‘Buy Term and Invest the Difference’?
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With life insurance salesmen, life insurance often becomes the hammer and any client concern a nail.

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