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#TBT When Partial-Year HSA Contribution Limits Don’t Apply
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If you have recently lost your health insurance or recently signed up for a new one, you may want to watch out for these rules.

Remembering The 2008 Crash as a Financial Planner
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Sometimes, you don’t get a second chance to be brave.

Remembering The 2008 Crash as an Investor
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I knew the market was going down, but I accidentally took Bogle’s advice and didn’t peek at my own accounts.

How to Calculate Your Roth Contribution Phase-Out and What To Do With It
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What can you do when you are in the middle of the Roth IRA contribution phaseout range?

#TBT Safety Second
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In 2013, we went whitewater rafting on the American River in California. Our guide’s speech inspired this powerful thought piece about disaster recovery that has a message for today.

What Happens to Your College Savings Plan When You Receive a Scholarship?
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What will happen to all the money I have saved for her college expenses now that she doesn’t need it?

Should The Welfare Hypocrisy Critique Keep Me From My Tax Credit?
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Pagans accept Christmas presents. Self-estranged children accept inheritance. Libertarians accept tax credits.

Q&A: Should I Contribute to My Roth 401(k) During a Bear Market?
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Nothing changes during a Bear Market when it comes to where you should save and invest.

#TBT Lessons from the Crash of 2007-2008
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Think we’re headed to another financial crash? Take a minute to learn from our last one.

How to Use Your 401(k) to Convert Only Your IRA’s Nondeductible Basis to Roth
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If you have an accepting employer plan, you could consider rolling the pre-tax funds into your 401(k) this year while converting your nondeductible basis cleanly to a Roth IRA.

The Dot Com Bubble: The Bear Market of 2001
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Diversification is important. Diversification did not eliminate losses, but it did lose less and recover more quickly.

The RMD Waiver in the CARE Act of 2020 is a Repeat of 2009 Legislation
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Hopefully, this bit of tax history gives seniors and heirs a bit of comfort in taking advantage of this welcome relief.

#TBT Recouping Losses Is Not As Hard As You Think
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This 2016 post has recently been our most popular search result recently for good reason. After the 2020 COVID bear market, this article is a comforting bit of math.

How a Stability Allocation Helps During a Bear Market (and What To Do If You Forgot One)
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While the appreciation allocation helps you achieve your financial goals, introducing a stability allocation into your portfolio can prevent your portfolio from running out of money.

Stock Buybacks Have Exceeded Fund Flows. So What?
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This disappointment with good stock market returns explains their need to criticize stock buybacks.

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