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Don’t Let A Second Home Ruin Your Retirement
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The cost of a second home is large. Large enough that it can ruin your retirement plan.

A Review of the Effective Altruist Charitable Giving Strategy
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While there may be ineffective charities which still deserve your support, this process may reveal ways that we can encourage ourselves, our charities, and our charitable giving to do better.

How to Avoid Scams
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It is difficult to know which sites to trust, but it is easy to know that someone is violating one of the eight safeguarding your money standards or can’t answer the ten questions to ask a financial advisor.

#TBT Is My House an Investment?
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For most families, the largest purchase they make will be their house. This 2011 post reminds us that the house you and your family live in is not an investment, but real estate can be.

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?
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Even if the world was ending, I still want to have a mortgage.

Video: The Value of Systematic Roth Conversions
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In this talk, David demonstrates how Roth conversions can be extremely valuable even if a client is always in the same tax bracket.

#TBT How to Claim Your Virginia State Tax 529 Contribution Deduction
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Form ADJ of the 760 lines 8a – 8c are where you report miscellaneous deductions.

Zero Steps To Take Before Contacting a Financial Advisor
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Don’t delay getting your finances in order until you get your finances in order. Ask for help today and see what wisdom a financial advisor has to share.

How to Implement The Automatic Millionaire Technique at Schwab
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By decoupling your standard of living from the size of your income, you have taken the first step toward financial freedom.

How to Foster Your Child’s Inner Entrepreneur
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An entrepreneur is valued for innovation. To innovate almost always requires failure first.

#TBT How Long Should I Keep Financial and Tax Records?
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Whenever the IRS challenges you, the burden of producing evidence that your claims are true rests entirely with you.

Troubles With 401(k) Plans Run By Salespeople
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The worst cause of employer stress is the fact that there exist many financial salespeople who offer plans which benefit themselves at excessive cost to the employer and their employees.

Life Lesson #2: You Are An Adult Now
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Graduate yourself from a childish mindset to that of an adult.

#TBT Do Children Need To File A Tax Return To Fund Their Roth IRA?
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Don’t let stress about tax filing requirements keep you or your child from a powerful opportunity to provide for their future.

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