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How to Use An Efficient Frontier Graph
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While an efficient frontier graph cannot hand you a perfect asset allocation, it remains a useful tool in analyzing what the past can tell us about a wide variety of investments.

Marotta Family Saying: Hit by the Bus
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We pride ourselves on regularly and seamlessly offering our services regardless of who is working and who is taking time off.

Schwab Mobile App: A Review of More Features
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Whether you have held Schwab accounts for many years or are in the process of opening an account with Schwab for the first time, you may enjoy the smartphone app and the many convenient features it offers.

#TBT Marital Harmony with a Few His and Her Budgets
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Each spouse has different spending habits and values different things in life. It’s okay for your budget to reflect that.

How to Avoid Being Swindled By Elder Fraud
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As fiduciaries, we are on your side to ensure that your goals are met. Protecting you from elder fraud is just one of the many services we can offer as a part of comprehensive financial planning.

How to Cash Your Paper Treasury Bond
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Here is a guide for how to find out what your bond is worth, decide whether you should keep it until maturity or cash out early, and how to get money for your paper.

Our Answers to Paladin Registry’s 27-Question Interview
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Regardless of the usefulness of their questions or their website, I enjoy answering every set of advisor questions I find.

How to Create an iPad App of Your Favorite Websites
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You can make an “app” (really a shortcut) on your mobile device so you can quickly access all the resources on Marotta on Money. It takes less than a minute.

Social Security & Its 85th Birthday (2020)
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Every day, the government has the chance to free our children from this burden.

Can a College Drop-Out Reimburse for Expenses Out of a 529 Plan?
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Hopefully this simple guide helps you get started in the right direction for correcting these surprise excess distributions.

Vote Early Instead of Voting Absentee (Virginia)
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Voting early has the same process as voting in-person.

Surviving A Bear Attack in the Markets
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“No decent planner would ever create a plan that didn’t account for frequent market drops.”

Q&A: Can a 529 Reimburse for Last Year’s Expenses?
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Unfortunately, neither “yes” nor “no” is a correct answer to this question.

Schwab Mobile App: How to Set-Up or Use a MoneyLink
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The Schwab mobile app gives you the ability to establish a MoneyLink so that you can move funds between your bank or other external account and your Schwab account at any time directly from the app.

No, We Do Not Need a National Retirement System
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Rekenthaler’s proposed narrowing of choices to a one-size fits all national solution provides a poor substitution for our current choices.

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