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#TBT Best Practices for Trusts, Foundations, and Endowments
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“If you have been asked to serve as a board member or trustee for a non-profit organization, feeling honored is a natural response but a terrible reason for saying yes to the job. Your role as committee member, board member, or trustee will likely designate you as a fiduciary, a role with specific legal responsibilities.”

Keep Track of Your Roth Contributions
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Going forward, keep track of all your contributions in a file alongside where you store your tax returns.

How to Invest an HSA with HSA Bank
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We recommend keeping all but the funds needed to pay the annual deductible for your health insurance plan invested in your HSA investment account.

Radio: Raising the Minimum Wages Hurts the Already Disadvantaged
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On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show with Rob Schilling to talk about raising the minimum wage.

#TBT Which is Better: Bad Market Timing or Not Investing?
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This 2014 post reminds us that perhaps we should be more afraid of cash and inflation than stocks and investing.

Two Ways to Fix Social Security Filing Mistakes
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If you are still in your 60s, the good news is your decision doesn’t have to be permanent. You actually have two ways in which you can change your benefit amount.

A Review of Fair Trade Efforts and Sweatshops
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Before you assume that moral licensing such as Fairtrade is the only ethical consumerism, think again. Understanding how such licensing works shows how little good it actually does.

How to Fund an HSA with HSA Bank
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There are two ways to make an HSA contribution. You can contribute by mailing a check or you can link an external checking account.

#TBT It is Time to “Scrap the Tax Code”
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Our first article posted online is a wonder to behold. This 1998 beauty is written by George Marotta, founder of Marotta Money Management. In the article, he reminds us that, “Anyone of us could design a better system, but 500 congress people cannot resist the pressure groups who want to twist the code to benefit their particular constituencies.” Decades old, this post still rings true today.

Updates to Our Bond Allocation (April 2021)
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Recently, we lowered the duration of our U.S. Bond portfolio and increased the amount which is inflation protected. This article explains the reasons for this change.

How to Obtain Your Social Security Statement Online
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For people of all ages, we recommend creating a “my Social Security” account today so that someone else doesn’t create an account for you.

How to Open an HSA with HSA Bank
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There are many choices for an HSA custodian, but we like to recommend HSA Bank because it allows you to custody funds for investment at TD Ameritrade.

#TBT How to Live on 24 Hours a Day
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A short quote from this 2004 inspiration, “Time is so much more than money. If you have time, you can acquire more money. But money can’t buy you more time. Time is a great equalizer. You can’t go into time debt. Every day the rich and the poor alike are given twenty-four hours to spend.”

Overcome Your Biases and Invest Globally
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Home bias is the tendency of investors to invest a majority of their assets in companies domiciled in their home country. Recency bias is the tendency for humans to believe that what has happened recently will continue to happen in the future.

Freedom Investing in Review (March 2021)
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While many have been following the domestic returns and recovery, fewer investors know how well foreign investments did this past year.

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