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Marotta Family Story: June Marotta’s KeyBucks
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In the speech, she tells the story of how she taught second through sixth graders about democracy, economics, entrepreneurial endeavors, and personal financial planning.

Life Lesson #3: Avoid A Lifestyle of Unconscious Spending and Conscious Saving
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Automate your savings. Take manual control of your spending. This is the path to wealth.

Radio: Biden’s Support of Unions
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On Tuesday, May 10, 2021, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show with Rob Schilling to talk about Biden’s support of unions.

#TBT Three Strategies to Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance
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Avoiding PMI, if possible, is better for your long-term finances. Here are three strategies to avoid PMI.

ABLE Accounts: Tax-Advantaged Savings for People with Disabilities
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ABLE accounts offer people with disabilities a new opportunity to save and invest for the future.

NAP Credit Charity Spotlight: The Soho Center
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Soho is my Amazon Smile charity recipient, I donate to them generously from my charity budget, and the NAP credits they offer are my favorite way to pay my state taxes.

David John Marotta Honored in Dear Holmes Mystery
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David John Marotta was awarded the Featured Detective honor on a recent “Dear Holmes” case.

#TBT Everyone Needs Some Frivolous Purchases
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Everyone needs some fun in their life, and sometimes fun costs a little money. This 2004 article shares six guidelines for dealing with purchases that might be considered frivolous.

How to Recontribute Funds to HSA Bank
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When you receive reimbursement for an expense you’ve already paid from the HSA, that portion of your HSA distribution is no longer a qualified medical expense and must be recontributed to avoid tax.

2021 Tax Facts
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Here is a reference chart with 2021 income tax rates, capital gains rates, retirement contribution limits, and more.

Baby Registry Guide from a Financial Planner
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There are many questions that first time moms ask their veteran friends. Among the top list is, what do you really need to care for a baby?

#TBT What Is The Alternative To An Annuity?
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It is always a good time to be reminded that an immediate fixed annuity is not an investment; it is an insurance product. This 2015 article by David John Marotta is a methodical unraveling of annuities and a description of the far superior alternatives.

Save the 1099-R from Your Roth Rollovers
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It is easiest to simply save your 1099-R and its numbers with your record of all your Roth IRA contributions.

How to Set Beneficiaries on Your HSA with HSA Bank
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When an HSA is left to a non-spouse, the account stops being an HSA.

Radio: Eliminate the Corporate Tax
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On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show with Rob Schilling to discuss corporate tax rates.

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