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High Inflation, Low Fiscal Health, and What Comes Next for the U.S.
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At 4.0% inflation, cash will lose 82.88% of its value over 45 years. Such loss of value can ruin a retirement plan more so than any market returns. Your long term investments need to appreciate well over inflation. The best method to do that is to stay mostly invested in stocks.

Transaction Fees for Foreign Issues Changes Individual Foreign Strategy (January 2022)
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At the start of the year, purchases of all of these securities had no transaction fee at Charles Schwab. However in December 2021, Schwab added a transaction fee to some of the holdings.

#TBT How to Report NAP Credits on a Virginia Return
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Luckily, reporting and using your tax credits on your state tax return is very straightforward.

An Overview of Marotta’s 2022 Gone-Fishing Portfolios
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A gone-fishing portfolio is a portfolio of just a few stocks which should weather the ups and downs of the market fairly well while only rebalancing twice a year.

Marotta’s 2022 Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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This gone-fishing portfolio is our default portfolio which can be used at any custodian.

Marotta’s 2022 Vanguard Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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We recommend this gone-fishing portfolio for accounts hosted at Vanguard.

#TBT Do Children Need To File A Tax Return To Fund Their Roth IRA?
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Don’t let stress about tax filing requirements keep you or your child from a powerful opportunity to provide for their future.

Bitcoin, Tulips, Beanie Babies, and Speculation
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I expect that eventually Bitcoin will either develop a real, useful value for investors or the bubble will burst.

Updates to Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios Limited Fund Selection
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Now that the Franklin Templeton funds have been added to the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios platform, we are updating our allocations to use the cheaper funds as their primary targets.

#TBT Tax Table and Tax Computation Worksheet
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The strangest fluke of the tax return is that the actual calculation of how much base tax you owe does not have a form; it has this worksheet.

How to Self-Insure for Long-Term Care Health Expenses (2022)
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Saving for long-term care, if done early enough, is not too expensive and helps to protect yourself from this potential financial shock.

Study Helps Track Long-Term Care Cost Options
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We are very thankful that Genworth has released this information freely for everyone to use.

#TBT Qualified Dividends and Capital Gains Worksheet
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The 25 lines are so simplified, they end up being difficult to follow what exactly they do. So, for those of you who are curious, here’s what they do.

Do Large Roth Conversions Require Backdoor Roth Contributions? (2021)
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Luckily for Roth lovers like us, you don’t have to choose between Roth conversions or Roth contributions.

Can a Grandparent Employ Their Grandchild?
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While navigating the rules may be trickier, your child can still enjoy easy domestic employment even when someone else is the employer.

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