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Q&A: What is Your Strategy’s Expense Ratio? (2022 Analysis)
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You can tell a lot from the expense ratio of an advisor’s preferred funds.

#BestOf2022 How to Calculate Taxable Social Security
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If you receive Social Security benefits, the portion of those benefits which will be taxable depends on your income. The taxable portion can be anywhere from 0% to a maximum of 85% of your benefits.

#TBT Recouping Losses Is Not As Hard As You Think
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This 2016 post has been our most popular search result recently for good reason. After the 2020 COVID bear market, this article is a comforting bit of math.

Q&A: Are IRMAAs for Life?
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A reader asks: When you are issued an IRMAA, does the IRMAA stay for one year only or does it stay that way for life?

#BestOf2022 An Updated RMD Calculator
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There are different tables and formulas used to calculate your RMD divisor based on your particular circumstances. This is a calculator for the three most common.

#TBT Maintain Financial Balance When in Business
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This 2004 post has ten timeless rules for small businesses to maintain their financial balance.

How Long Should I Plan On Living?
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Which is worse: Being destitute while still alive or dying happy and provided for with a little extra?

Account Funding Priorities for 2023
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A savings waterfall is a tool to help investors prioritize savings goals and allocate funds appropriately.

#TBT A Year of Financially Healthy Habits
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Want to do the new year well? Here is a month-by-month guide for setting financially healthy habits.

A Christmas Sermon from David Marotta
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This 2008 article is an uplifting, timeless sermon.

Q&A: Can You Do a One-Time Review of My Plan?
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We do our best work when we are a lifelong financial advisor to the client.

#TBT The Happy Habits of Appreciation and Gratitude
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This 2016 article reminds us that “there is a very simple place to start the process of changing our destiny: Each day notice the things that make you happy and try experiencing more of them.”

Steps to Reduce IRMAA Medicare Premiums
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Sophisticated tax planning can be effective at any age. However, with great complexity comes great opportunity.

Nontaxable Social Security Thresholds Are Not Inflation-Adjusted
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Social Security has a number of flaws, to which these static tax brackets can be added.

#TBT Keep Christmas Your Own Way
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In “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer Scrooge calls Christmas a “humbug” because of the foolish way people celebrate it. This 2008 article reminds us that it is sometimes wise to simplify Christmas.

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