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#TBT Keep Christmas Your Own Way
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In “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer Scrooge calls Christmas a “humbug” because of the foolish way people celebrate it. This 2008 article reminds us that it is sometimes wise to simplify Christmas.

In Roth Conversions, Paying the Tax is One of the Benefits
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Taxes related to traditional IRA withdrawals only happen once. Meanwhile, the funds in your taxable account are subjected to taxation each year.

Don’t Increase Your Bond Allocation In Bear Markets
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There is an artistry to a bond allocation, and while the historical analysis can only be suggestive, they do tell a strong narrative.

#TBT The Economics of a Thanksgiving Turkey
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This article should give you something fun to discuss this year.

Today, We Celebrate Saving Tuesday
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Saving Tuesday is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It is a day to squirrel some savings away for your future self.

How to Uncap Your 529 Plan Virginia State Tax Deduction
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You can have an effectively uncapped state tax deduction if you have a high tolerance for paperwork.

#TBT Six Reasons to Sell for a Loss
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Here are six reasons you may want to sell for a loss.

2024 Tax Facts
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Here is a reference chart with 2024 income tax rates, capital gains rates, retirement contribution limits, and more.

How to See Closed Account Information at Schwab
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If closing an account at Schwab is in line with your goals, take comfort in knowing that you are able to close your accounts at Schwab without losing access to your important documents.

#TBT How Can We Make Medical Insurance Affordable?
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We have written on the topic of healthcare reform multiple times, including our 2014 economics of healthcare series which culminates in this article.

The Lie Of The Century
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This lie was PolitiFact’s 2013 lie of the year, but we dub it the lie of the century.

2024 Contribution Limits
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Twelve-month inflation for all items ending in September 2023 has been 4.1%, so the 2024 contribution limits increased significantly but less than last year.

States with Death Taxes (2023)
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While most states do not have their own estate or inheritance taxes, some states do and often their exemption is lower than the federal one.

#TBT Both Spouses Can Make The HSA Catch-Up Contribution
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The IRS is clear, “If both spouses are 55 or older and not enrolled in Medicare, each spouse’s contribution limit is increased by the additional contribution. Each spouse must make the additional contribution to his or her own HSA.”

Should I Change Financial Advisors Over Poor Performance?
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The fact that markets are down isn’t a good reason by itself to fire your advisor, but there are reasons to switch financial advisors related to performance.

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