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#TBT Do Investors Deserve to Make Money?
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This 2013 article explores whether the person who sits idly by while their stocks increase their net worth deserves the money they make.

Four Reasons to Rebalance
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In these ways, rebalancing can be of great value to a long-term investor’s portfolio.

Schwab Mobile App: How to Deposit a Check
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One of the best features of the app is that you can deposit checks to your Schwab Bank account or Schwab investment account directly from your smartphone.

Where to Find Statements and Tax Documents on Schwab.com
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If you are receiving electronic delivery, you will likely want to know how to locate Schwab account statements and tax forms online. Luckily, the process is fairly simple.

Merrill Lynch Is A Terrible Choice
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They admit that they do not rebalance, have been subject to lawsuits claiming they are predatory, and are held to a relaxed standard designed specifically for them.

The S&P 500 Recovered Today from the 2020 COVID Bear Market
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Those who flat-lined to cash or who waited to invest their cash until the markets looked better missed out on the recovery.

How to Change Your IRA Beneficiary Designations After the SECURE Act
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Now non-nuclear family or friends who are more than 10 years younger than the decedent and in good health are never eligible for stretch provisions and must distribute the whole balance over 10 years.

What Is A Short Sell?
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In short selling, a bankrupt stock is the best thing that can happen, but the worst thing that can happen is that the stock price will rise.

A Surprising Lesson from the COVID Quarantine
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Yes, we are merely human, but our ideas and our analysis are powerful.

Looking Backward on Socialism: Free College Education For All
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On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show to take a closer look at the calls for free college education in the socialist utopia.

Misuse Of The Term ‘Rebalance’
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That is not what anyone means by the term “rebalancing.” The misuse of the term on Investment News was glaring.

Who Should Own My Child’s 529 Account to Assist the FAFSA?
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With the grandparents as the owner rather than the parent, the student may have a better chance of receiving financial aid.

Can I Deduct a 529 Contribution to an Account I Don’t Own?
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Unfortunately, the answer is that you cannot. The 529 account owner receives any state tax deductions for contributions make to their account.

We Added 2 New U.S. Stock Sectors to Our Allocations
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We decided to add two new sectors after generating several hundred efficient frontier graphs of various United States classifications, industries, and sectors over a variety of time periods.

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