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2020 Tax Facts
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As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2020 tax planning.

2020 Contribution Limits
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This year was a good year for Roth loving folks like us.

How To Spend: Use Only Just Enough
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Most of our regular use of items is habitual. Developing a mindset that uses less requires changing our habits.

Gift Ideas for Your Grandchildren: 2-Year-Olds
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As the proud mother of a now three-year-old daughter, I thought I’d record some of my and my firstborn’s favorite things from this past year as helpful ideas for gifts from grandparents.

Looking Backward On Socialism: No Such Thing As Self-Sufficiency
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One common socialist assumption is that government collectivism is so essential for success that there is no such thing as self-sufficiency.

The Monetary Benefit of Delaying Retirement
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Continuing to work for five more years could increase your retirement standard of living by as much as 50%.

Keeping Your Roth 401(k) Balance Separate During an IRA Rollover
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Having a 401(k) plan with both pre- and post-tax balances is quite common, but mistakes are common as well.

Spam Analysis: “The Last Republican President” Warning
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This pitch is made by Bill Shaw of Stansberry Research, the same group that brought you the perennial “Reclusive Millionaire Warns” spam article. Don’t be gullible.

Q&A: Why Not Invest Only in the U.S?
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Diversification among many different countries provides a more consistent return than investing entirely in the United States.

Q&A: Where to Stash Extra Savings?
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“After all this savings, I have about $3,000 per month left to save somewhere. Where should I save it?”

Careful Records Required To Track Capital Gains
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Keeping a careful accounting of your investment’s cost basis isn’t glamorous, but it can help you save time and money when it comes time to sell.

You Are Probably Paying Too Much For Your Mutual Funds
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Check your own funds. You are likely paying too much for your mutual funds.

No One is Alone (Financial Lessons from Into the Woods)
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Your choices now change the course of your future in significant ways. “Into the Woods” is a cautionary reminder of that.

Complete Guide to Your Schwab Debit Card (2019)
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I think my second favorite feature of Charles Schwab’s banking service is their debit cards.

Beware Sloppy Retirement Advice
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There are at least seven major mistakes in this advice by Wells Fargo Asset Management.

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