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2023 Contribution Limits
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Twelve-month inflation for all items ending in September 2022 has been 8.2%, so it is not surprising that the 2022 contribution limits have seen more increases than normal.

Lessons for 2022 from My 1983 First Mortgage at 11.5%
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We haven’t seen high interest rates in many years, but high interest rates do not remove the potential benefits of having a mortgage.

The IRS Waives 2021 & 2022 Penalties Because Its Unclear How the New Inherited IRA 10-Year Rule Works
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In 2019, the SECURE Act changed how inherited RMD rules work. After many IRS notices, we now aren’t sure how the new rules work.

Bear Market Continues Through Third Quarter 2022
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While it is counterintuitive, the lower the market falls, the safer it is to be invested.

Stocks are On Sale (October 2022 Dynamic Tilt)
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The lower the market falls, the safer it is to be invested.

Freedom Investing in Review (September 2022)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending September 30, 2022, Developed Freedom Investing had a -0.44% disadvantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a -0.34% disadvantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a +0.14% advantage.

Three Places You May Need to Update Your Schwab Routing Number
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This year, Charles Schwab will be retiring the outdated PNC Bank ABA routing number, 031000053, that was issued for Schwab One accounts that activated the “Payment Features” on the account prior to March 2012.

U.S. Investing in Review (Sept 2022)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending September 30, 2022 our U.S. Stock Strategy had a +4.11% advantage over VTI.

How to Calculate Fair Market Value if the Date of Death Is on a Weekend?
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Calculating the fair market value of property varies in difficulty depending on the type of property and the date of death.

#TBT How Does The Fed Control Interest Rates In A Free Market?
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This 2014 article is a good reminder of how interest rates work in our country.

The Art and Science of a Bond Allocation (529 Plan Example)
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Adding more Stability to an asset allocation isn’t an easy issue. It takes science to know how much bonds you need. It takes artistry to gradually adjust your asset allocation over time. 

Q&A: Do I Need a Contract to Employ My Child?
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Employment contracts have their origins in very old master-servant laws. With no employment contract, you can better protect your child’s freedom and childhood.

#TBT How to Order New Schwab Checks
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Schwab has recently required that everyone with older checkbooks reorder new ones. This recent guide should help you with this process.

Founder’s Day: Celebrating George Marotta (Part 2)
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My grandfather served in Japan during World War 2. He turns 96 this year.

I Was Lucky To Be a 502
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George Marotta remembers his time serving in World War II.

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