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For Recent Graduates: How to Handle Your Paycheck Like a Boss
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Financial security is an amazing feeling, so why not live your life knowing you are prepared for life’s expenses and can plan ahead for all your future goals.

Five Beneficiary Ideas Other Than Family
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When family inheriting is not an option or you are not all that close with your relatives, sometimes it can be trickier to decide where to leave your estate.

Q&A: Do I Need to Pay Tax on This 1099-R?
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The given numbers on a 1099-R are insufficient to be able to fill out your tax return correctly. Knowledge of what was actually done is required in order to file your taxes accurately.

#TBT A Short History Of Wall Street
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Only recently has Main Street been so fully invested. This 2007 article chronicles how it all got started.

Q&A: Should I Pull Out of the Stock Market Now?
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The fact that you are worried enough to ask might mean that now is a good chance to take stock in your investment strategy.

Don’t Let Politics Make You Afraid of Investing
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Don’t let your political emotions cause you to be fearful about the economy. Those misplaced fears may impoverish your financial well-being.

Q&A: Who Pays Taxes and Penalties on 529 Distributions and How?
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Who will be responsible to pay for the taxes related to the distribution? Where do you report the taxable portion on your tax return?

#TBT Realize Some Capital Gains Each Year To Keep Taxes Low
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There are at least four different capital gains tax rates. This 2017 article has how to minimize your tax owed at each one.

Q&A: What is a Diversified Alternative to an Individual Bond Ladder?
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A stability allocation has two purposes: to meet withdrawal needs and to move the portfolio more conservative (less risky) by dampening the volatility of stock returns.

Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement (LIFE007)
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The class will be held March 19 through April 2, 2020 each Thursday from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM at Homewood Suites in the Albemarle Room.

How to Acquire Prepaid Schwab Cashiering Envelopes
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Unfortunately, you must order cashiering envelopes directly from a Schwab agent. Here’s how you do it.

#TBT How Do You Value a Gift of Stock for Taxes?
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This straightforward article about how to value your charitable gifts of appreciated stock may help you in preparing your tax return this year.

The Price of Listening to Dire Predictions
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We do not try to time the markets and instead we believe it is always a good time to have a balanced portfolio.

Marotta’s 2020 Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculators for Schwab, Fidelity, eTrade, and TD Ameritrade
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In 2019, several custodians switched to have no transaction fees for exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

How to Fund Your Roth with Babysitting Money
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For domestic tasks like babysitting there are often two options: independent contractor or household employee. Taking the time to educate yourself on the difference may be worth your while.

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