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The Complete Guide to Retirement Account Types
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Here is a simple list of the retirement account types and their differences.

How to Budget for Emergencies: Major Car Repair
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This is the financial shock of a major car repair. It is the most common financial shock with 30% of households reporting such an event within the last 12 months.

How to Use Your “World Asset Classes” Report Appropriately
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Our intention in including this particular slide is to show the range of quarterly returns. Here is some wisdom on how to use this slide when comparing your own returns for the quarter.

#TBT Blending Index Funds To Achieve Higher Returns
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When crafting your own buy list, this 2007 article reminds us that rather than just finding one index fund to fulfill your asset class, you should consider blending multiple sector level index funds to decrease volatility or increase return.

Does An Inverted Yield Curve Mean I Should Get Out Of The Markets?
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It is easy for an inverted yield curve to spook investors.

How to Budget for Emergencies (The Series)
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It is possible to be prepared for financial emergencies by living 10% more frugally and saving for the inevitable eventuality.

HealthSavings Administrators HSA Investment Recommendation
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A low cost timeless portfolio for your HSA with HealthSavings Administrators.

#TBT Common Endowment Mistakes
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When endowment funds fall victim to poor management, the results are as bad as they are far reaching. This 2016 article reviews the six most common pitfalls of endowments and how to avoid them.

Q&A: Do You Offer Roth Conversion Planning for Someone Who Is Not a Client?
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Kudos to you for noticing the value of Roth conversions! We have three ways we can help.

Many Funds Close, Others Should
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There is a science to portfolio construction. Selecting a random group of companies is just as bad as selecting a random group of funds.

RiversEdge In-Service Withdrawal Request Form
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To do an in-service rollout of your vested profit sharing balance, you use the “RiversEdge In-Service Withdrawal Request Form.”

#TBT Your Asset Allocation Should Be Priceless
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Rebalancing from stocks into bonds reduces your returns on average since bonds have a lower average return. But, as this 2015 article reminds us, there are decades of very choppy markets where even rebalancing an allocation of stocks and bonds can boost returns.

Q&A: I Have a Marotta-Managed 401(k). What Should I Invest In?
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We often get the question from plan participants, “What should I invest in?” Here are our recommendations in order.

Do Top-Ranked Funds Repeat?
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Dimensional’s analysis found that top funds do not repeat.

What is the Correlation of the Asset Classes?
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Asset classes are best defined by looking at the correlation of their returns. These four 2015 articles take a close examination at the three appreciation asset classes.

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