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How to Avoid an IRMAA Medicare Premium Surcharge 2022
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To avoid getting issued an IRMAA, you can proactively tell the SSA of any changes your income has seen in the past two years using a “Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount – Life-Changing Event” form.

Review: Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card
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All in all, this card is a fairly easy way to pay 5% less for any Amazon purchase.

Gift Ideas for 4-Year-Olds
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As the proud mother of a now five-year-old daughter, I thought I’d record some of my and my firstborn’s favorite things from this past year as helpful ideas for gifts from grandparents.

Best Credit Cards of 2022 for Those with Excellent Credit
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These credit cards won’t change your life, and they shouldn’t, but they can get back a very small portion of the money you spend each month.

Your Children Are Not Entitled To Your Retirement Savings
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Hard work can often only be learned by struggling. You can’t teach your children to live within their means if you always supplement their means.

#TBT Five Ways to Thrift Your Empty Gearharts Chocolates Box
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Hopefully, some of these ideas inspire you to reuse various treasures you didn’t know you had.

Account Funding Priorities for 2022
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Which account you should fund depends on your circumstances. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow to make your decision.

2022 Contribution Limits
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Even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, contribution limits are indexed to inflation.

#TBT The Haunting of Bob Cratchit: A Book from David Marotta
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Did you know David wrote a Christmas novel? This 2020 book by David John Marotta and Brendon Marotta makes you rethink what is happening in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Annuities: Just Say No.
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You don’t need their product. You don’t even need to know why their specific product is bad. Just say no.

Can Taxable Life Insurance Benefits Contribute to an IRA?
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If you have this fringe employer or former employer benefit, I hope you are able to take advantage of making small Roth IRA contributions throughout your retirement.

#TBT Don’t Eat Yourself Out of Financial Security
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As this 2003 post remind us, “The worst financial problems stem from trying to live a champagne and caviar lifestyle on a beer and chips budget” and it has a few common sense rules to uncommon cents savings.

Dying Young is Not A Retirement Plan
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Yes, many retirees may die with significant assets. However, this helps to ensure that they have sufficient assets to support their lifestyle should they make it to age 100.

Q&A: How Do I Inherit a Relative’s 401(k) plan?
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“I’m 19 years old. How do I inherit a 401(k) from my aunt?”

#TBT How Not to Go Broke at Thanksgiving
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As the season of holiday shopping approaches, this 2018 article reminds us, “Before you throw your money at various companies, squirrel some savings away for your future self.”

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