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Virtual Class: Success and Significance in Retirement (OLLI 2023)
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The class will be held April 13 through May 4, 2023 each Thursday from noon to 1:00 PM on Zoom.

Freedom Investing in Review (December 2022)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending December 31, 2022, Developed Freedom Investing had a +0.13% advantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a +0.45% advantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a +0.77% advantage.

#TBT For Valentine’s Day, Work on a Budget Together
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Financial planning can be romantic. As this 2011 article reminds us, “nothing is more romantic than planning how to realize your shared hopes and dreams for the future.”

Even Down, Biotechnology Still Had a Place in Efficient Portfolios (2022 Analysis)
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Biotechnology’s low correlation, the very thing that makes you dislike it, is specifically what gives it a place in efficient portfolios.

2023 Tax Facts
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Here is a reference chart with 2023 income tax rates, capital gains rates, retirement contribution limits, and more.

#TBT Where is Your Priority: Tax Preparation or Tax Planning?
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Tax planning is very different than tax return preparation. The goal of tax preparation is to minimize your tax owed this year. The goal of tax planning is to maximize your after-tax net worth by minimizing your taxes owed over your lifetime.

Changes to RMDs for Those Born in 1951 or Later (Secure 2.0)
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Later required beginning dates are generally advantageous to seniors, although the complexity surrounding RMD rules is nothing to celebrate.

#BestOf2022 How to Self-Insure for Long-Term Care Health Expenses
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Saving for long-term care, if done early enough, is not too expensive and helps to protect yourself from this potential financial shock.

#TBT Which is Better: Bad Market Timing or Not Investing?
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This 2014 post reminds us that perhaps we should be more afraid of cash and inflation than stocks and investing.

At 65, Does the 5-Year Roth Rule Matter?
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For those over age 59 1/2, you would need to withdraw all funds attributable to basis before your withdrawal would be sourced from Roth IRA earnings and the age of your Roth IRA would matter for taxation.

#BestOf2022 How to Change a 529 Plan Account Owner
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While you may think that the account owner needs to stay the same, you can easily change the account owner.

#TBT How to Double Your Retirement
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Doubling your retirement is not a fast process. It is the slow and steady practices of daily financial diligence.

Q&A: What is Your Strategy’s Expense Ratio? (2022 Analysis)
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You can tell a lot from the expense ratio of an advisor’s preferred funds.

#BestOf2022 How to Calculate Taxable Social Security
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If you receive Social Security benefits, the portion of those benefits which will be taxable depends on your income. The taxable portion can be anywhere from 0% to a maximum of 85% of your benefits.

#TBT Recouping Losses Is Not As Hard As You Think
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This 2016 post has been our most popular search result recently for good reason. After the 2020 COVID bear market, this article is a comforting bit of math.

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