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Help! I Inherited a Nondeductible Basis!
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If you inherit a traditional IRA from a person who had a basis in the IRA because of nondeductible contributions, that basis remains with the IRA assets as they come into your ownership.

Lessons from Medicine: Reporting Can Lie
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There is an incentive to lie when your methodology is bad.

#BestOf2019 – An Overview of Marotta’s 2019 Gone-Fishing Portfolios
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Our gone-fishing portfolios are used by thousands of people, so it makes sense the article about it would be among our most popular of 2019. Our 2020 gone-fishing portfolios will come out in February.

Q&A: What is Your Client’s Average Portfolio Size and Life Stage?
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We have a large distribution of clients at all portfolio sizes and, surprisingly, have all life stages near equally represented.

Longest Economic Expansion In United States History
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A long expansion is nothing to fear.

#BestOf2019 – How to Do Everything at Schwab
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Four separate Schwab Tutorials made the top ten articles of 2019 with nearly 12K views each. Perhaps one day Schwab will write their own tutorials, but until then, I’m glad we can help so many people.

Inverted Yield Curve Uninverted Without Recession
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Investors hurt their finances more by missing out than they do by staying in.

Harvest Major Capital Losses Whenever You Have Them
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While you can only use $3,000 per year of capital losses to reduce your taxable income, you should bank as much capital loss as possible for other future uses.

Looking Backward on Socialism: Liberal Control Of Academia
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The increasing monoculture within universities pushes, at least slightly, each graduating class more toward favoring socialism.

#BestOf2019 – Q&A: Can I Use 529 Funds for Off-Campus Housing?
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Elizabeth has written one post so far, and it was the most popular post of 2019. With over 12K views, this clear descriptions of the housing reimbursement rules has helped a lot of people.

Q&A: Which Products Do You Buy and Which Do You Avoid?
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The selection of what products we purchase or avoid for clients is based solely on what we believe gives our clients the best chance to meet their goals.

What We Can Learn From The Buffett Family Motto
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From such changes, the millionaire mindset is built and millions are gained.

Lessons from Medicine: “Doing Something” Is Often Worse
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Even if all four of these sentimental or pragmatic justifications are true, doing the wrong thing is still worse than doing nothing.

#TBT Financial Help for the New Year
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A 2007 article that stands the test of time. This is the year you should keep your financial resolutions. Getting help from an objective advisor can provide both a powerful catalyst for action and real peace of mind.

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