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Tax Changes in 2026 (Radio)
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After over a decade of broken promises and rising costs, our need for a more sustainable tax system is acutely felt.

Today Was An Intraday Recovery (January 2024)
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While we still cannot call the end of the Bear Market from this performance, today’s returns strongly suggest that 15 months ago, October 12, 2022 was the end of this bear market.

#BestOf2023 At 65, Does the 5-Year Roth Rule Matter?
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For those over age 59 1/2, you would need to withdraw all funds attributable to basis before your withdrawal would be sourced from Roth IRA earnings and the age of your Roth IRA would matter for taxation.

Account Funding Priorities for 2024
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A savings waterfall helps investors navigate the financial complexity available to them.

How to Correct Excess Backdoor Roth Contributions
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While an excess or failed backdoor Roth can feel very stressful to solve, it is a normal and quick fix for your qualified financial custodian.

#BestOf2023 Changes to RMDs for Those Born in 1951 or Later
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Later required beginning dates are generally advantageous to seniors, although the complexity surrounding RMD rules is nothing to celebrate.

Tax Savings Opportunity for Charlottesville City Seniors This February
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Seniors over age 65 may receive relief on their real estate taxes limited by AGI but regardless of net worth.

New IRS Notice Moves SECURE 2.0 Act Implementation Closer
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The IRS authors make clear that the purpose of the notice is to “provide guidance on discreet issues to assist in commencing implementation of these provisions” not to provide comprehensive guidance.

#TBT High Wages Limit Catch-Up Options to Only Roth in 2026
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The Internal Revenue Service announced an administrative transition period that extends until 2026 the new requirement that any catch-up contributions made by higher‑income participants in 401(k) and similar retirement plans must be designated as after-tax Roth contributions.

A Christmas Sermon from David Marotta
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This 2008 article is an uplifting, timeless sermon.

#TBT The Happy Habits of Appreciation and Gratitude
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This 2016 article reminds us that “there is a very simple place to start the process of changing our destiny: Each day notice the things that make you happy and try experiencing more of them.”

Health Insurance: How Did We Get Here?
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After over a decade of broken promises and rising costs, our need for a more sustainable healthcare system is acutely felt.

#TBT Estate Planning For A Family Business Balances Three Roles
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This whimsical 2004 post uses the hypothetical family business of Belle and the Beast to teach a valuable lesson about passing on the family business to the next generation.

Dwindling Savings Highlights Need for Tax Reforms
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The Tax Foundation recently published the article “Dwindling Savings and Increasing Financial Stress Highlights Need for Tax Reforms” suggesting that tax reform could improve the current state of American personal finances.

#TBT Marotta on A Christmas Carol
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Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is one of the best stories for talking about economics. This 2003 – 2012 series uses the classic tale to illustrate different financial personalities, principles, and philosophies.

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