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How to Spend: Avoid Advertising (Podcast)
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In this podcast, we discuss the hazard of advertising for your budget and how to not fall prey to marketing tactics.

#TBT The Lower The Market Falls The More Important It Is To Stay Invested
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A recovery after a significant downturn in the markets is often marked by steep growth. If you sell and flatline, you will likely miss the market’s natural recovery and thus your own personal future recovery becomes very difficult.

Exemptions to Fiduciary Rule Jeopardize 401(k) Plans
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Being a fiduciary means more, regardless of what the Department of Labor might write in their press releases.

Today Was An Intraday Bear Market (May 2022)
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The S&P 500 saw an intraday bear market today, dipping over 20% down from a prior high and then correcting back before the day’s close.

Billing Retirement Accounts to Maximize After-Tax Net Worth
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One obscure way we bring value to clients is how we bill them.

Bond Markets: Worst Quarter in 40 Years & Not That Bad (April 2022)
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We think holding your next seven years of spending in relatively safe bonds is always a good idea. But holding too much in bonds may not keep up with inflation and is not ideal for your long-term investment strategy.

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