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Practical Advice on Hiring Your Children
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Here’s some advice from one daughter employee to a would-be parent employer.

#TBT Estate Planning For A Family Business Balances Three Roles
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This whimsical 2004 post uses the hypothetical family business of Belle and the Beast to teach a valuable lesson about passing on the family business to the next generation.

Loophole: How to Perform Qualified Charitable Distributions Out of Ongoing SEP-IRA Assets
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It turns out there is still a way to do a QCD out of those assets, but it requires a bit of planning ahead.

The No-Bear Bull Market of the 1990s
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Neither the dire pessimism at the start of the Bull Market of the 1990s nor the blind optimism at the end were warranted.

Your Estate Plan Might Disadvantage Your Heir’s Cost Basis
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Is what I’m accomplishing here worth sacrificing the step up in basis? If it is not, perhaps there is a better way to implement your estate wishes.

#TBT Getting The Most From Your 401(k) Or 403(b)
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The average worker will have a dozen employers and work at each job for less than four years. Your career is now your responsibility, and so is your retirement plan. Allow this 2010 article to be your lifetime Human Resources Department guide to being financially prepared.

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