Investment Committee

David John Marotta

President, CFP®, AIF®, AAMS®

David Marotta is the President of Marotta Wealth Management. He leads the management team and designs the investment philosophy of the firm. David founded Marotta Asset Management in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2000. He has been a guest speaker for the … Read More

Beth Nedelisky

Wealth Manager, CFA, CFP®

Beth Nedelisky is a Wealth Manager and Investment Committee member at Marotta Wealth Management with a special interest in estate planning,trust and endowment management, and investment management. Beth earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Covenant College. Prior to joining the … Read More

Relationship Advisors

Austin Fey

Wealth Manager

Austin Fey is a Wealth Manager for Marotta Wealth Management. She specializes in giving appreciated stock to charity and designing asset allocations for employer-sponsored accounts with limited investment options. She is a regular contributor to our Marotta On Money articles, … Read More

Courtney Fraser

Wealth Manager, CFP®

Courtney Fraser is a Wealth Manager, specializing in retirement accounts, required minimum distributions, and Roth conversions. She is also a portfolio manager who rebalances portfolios as well as trades in response to client cash flow needs. Courtney graduated from Virginia … Read More

Meg McManus

Wealth Manager

Megan “Meg” McManus is a Wealth Manager for Marotta Wealth Management. She graduated from Virginia Tech and holds a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Financial Planning. She also has a Minor in Psychology. During her time at Virginia … Read More

Financial Specialists

Megan Russell

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Megan Russell’s work alternates between high-level processes and day-to-day details. She is the primary designer of our internal workflows, oversees the technical side of Marotta Wealth Management as our head programmer, and is a regular contributor … Read More

Elias McQuade

Financial Assistant

Elias is often the first voice you hear or first face you see at Marotta Wealth Management. His desk at the reception enables him to warmly greet all who enter, and he is always available to assist clients and the … Read More

Elizabeth Woodrum

Financial Analyst, CFP®

Elizabeth Woodrum is a financial analyst, specializing in Social Security, safe withdrawal rates, and cash flow analysis; a portfolio manager who rebalances portfolios as well as trades in response to client cash flow needs; and a wealth manager to a … Read More

Support Staff

Sheryl Lawson

Chief Financial Officer

Sheryl Lawson is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for the corporate finances and directs our public relations efforts. Sheryl joined the firm in 2000 as our first employee at the Charlottesville office. Earlier in her career, she was … Read More

Krisan Marotta

Portfolio Center Specialist

Krisan invented the business of providing back office support to investment managers in 1992 — before email and the internet. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa, “With Distinction” from Stanford University, Krisan worked as a technical writer and computer programmer.   When … Read More