Courtney Fraser Regan

Wealth Manager, CFP®

Courtney Fraser Regan is a Wealth Manager and Investment Committee member at Marotta Wealth Management. She specializes in retirement accounts, required minimum distributions, and Roth conversions.

She is also a portfolio manager who rebalances portfolios as well as trades in response to client cash flow needs.

Courtney graduated from Virginia Tech and holds a B.S. in Applied Economic Management with a concentration in Financial Planning. She first came to the firm as an intern in 2015 and joined the firm full-time in 2016. During her time at Virginia Tech, Courtney was an active member in the Virginia Tech collegiate chapter of the Financial Planning Association and was a recipient of the FSP Excellence in Financial Education Award.

Courtney currently lives in Crozet with her husband Dillon and their three pets: Koda, Mocha, and Trey.

For more information about Courtney, you may enjoy reading the 2018 article “All About Courtney Fraser, CFP®.”



The CFP® certification is the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

For more information about this designation, see the CFP Board website.


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