As a part of our “Comprehensive” service level, each client gets their own relationship advisor who serves as the head conductor and primary point of contact for all of that client’s needs.

With a relationship advisor, they are with you each step of the way. Your relationship advisor hosts your client meetings, responds to your email correspondence, and is a phone call away for your questions.

We work to fulfill our fiduciary responsibility by dividing areas of expertise into specialties and allowing team members to expand their knowledge and competence as a specialist in that area.

Thus, in addition to traders and specialists, we have advisors who specialize in being the primary point of contact for groups of clients. These advisors specialize in understanding the situation, values, and goals of the clients they serve. Then, they translate that understanding into which financial services we should offer and pull in the appropriate specialist to do the analysis.

The collaboration between advisors, specialists, and traders provides different perspectives on financial planning which enhance the service we offer to clients.

It would be difficult for any one advisor to be an expert in every area of comprehensive wealth management. For this reason, studies suggest that multi-advisor firms both do better as a firm and do better for their clients. They can perform the work better, faster, and smarter by each specializing and then collaborating with other team members.

At Marotta Wealth Management, we believe that a team collaborating on your behalf provides you with better service and a relationship advisor helps conduct that work into an integrated symphony of service.

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