The whole family from babe in arms all the way up to adult child is welcome at our meetings. Often times some great intergenerational planning can take place because everyone you want to be there is there.

Like a doctor’s annual check-up, we like to have regular meetings with our “Comprehensive” and “Collaborative” service level clients.

When possible, we love to meet in person. We normally meet in our office in Charlottesville, VA, but we are also glad to do house calls for those who are nearby but find it difficult to get to our office. For our clients outside of the Virginia area, we host conference calls over the phone and also make it a point to set up a lunch or dinner together if we ever find ourselves in the area.

A typical agenda for a regular meeting may include many different aspects of financial planning.

While we usually have our own proactive agenda, we prioritize any pressing questions that our clients have.

We enjoy engaging in life planning, helping to reawaken the dream of “What is the money for?” We talk about how life is going and in what ways your assets could better enhance your life satisfaction.

We also review any recently completed analysis. Frequently that includes an annual tax review report with Roth conversion recommendation or plan to¬†manage your capital gains. Also included, is often this year’s Safe Withdrawal Rate numbers for the retired or Safe Savings Rate numbers for the employed. From these types of reports, we collaborate to develop new actionable plans for the next quarters.

We often bring your latest performance reports to review your investment performance with an Investment Committee member and also any paperwork which might need signing.

These meetings are full of the warmth, friendship, radical honesty, and powerful collaboration. They are quite a joy to be a part of.