There are multiple ways we help our clients reduce or manage their taxes. We utilize a tax-efficient strategy of positioning assets in accounts to minimize taxable income and maximize deductions and return on investment. We also work with our clients’ tax professionals or review our clients tax returns to ensure effective long-term tax planning strategies.

When it comes to retirement planning, we assist in retirement account funding such as contributing to a Roth IRA or performing a backdoor Roth as well as evaluating and managing Roth conversions.

In the realm of portfolio management, our tax planning takes the form of tax-loss harvesting or intentionally realizing capital gains as well as managing highly appreciated stock for use in charitable giving.

Two Simple But Effective Conversion Target Calculations

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These are two simple but effective strategies to help calculate a very good conversion target for this year.

Where is Your Priority: Tax Preparation or Tax Planning?

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At our firm, tax planning is our priority. We hope to maximize after-tax net worth over your lifetime, even if it is at the expense of this one year.

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Other Services Related to Tax Planning

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