A Roth conversion is the process of moving assets from your traditional IRA into a Roth IRA. Roth IRAs are unique because the investment growth is never subject to taxation – even when the assets are distributed from the account.

Roth conversions are unique in that you can undo the conversion if it turned out not to be favorable any time before you file your taxes through what is called a recharacterization.

Roth conversions can avoid future Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), enhance the value of your estate, and smooth your tax burden across several years.

At Marotta Wealth Management, we assess each of our clients for tax planning opportunities. If they are good candidates for a Roth conversion, we develop a personalized Roth conversion plan and revisit it every year. We also provide the administrative support necessary to oversee the entire conversion process, including helping you or your tax preparer make sense of the reporting.

Two Simple But Effective Conversion Target Calculations

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These are two simple but effective strategies to help calculate a very good conversion target for this year.

3 Hidden Roth Conversion Opportunities

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Even the most Roth-loving individuals may have hidden Traditional assets that they do not know they can convert to Roth. Here are just a few places to look.

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