We strive to keep our hand-traded accounts as fully invested as possible. After communicating your withdrawal needs to us, we make trades to ensure there is sufficient cash to meet those withdrawals. If you have surplus funds from deposits or dividends, we make trades to ensure the extra cash is invested according to your asset allocation.

This cash flow management service means that your monthly RMD, the direct deposit of your automated savings, your quarterly estimated tax payments, and other expected cash flows can rely on our trading to ensure that the right balances are either ready for withdrawal or invested in the markets.

By default, we strive to keep 6-months of planned or regular withdrawals in cash. Anytime you need to withdraw funds beyond those planned withdrawals, a simple email to our team means that we can both generate more cash and make sure our trading does not interfere with your transfers.

How to Implement The Automatic Millionaire Technique at Schwab
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By decoupling your standard of living from the size of your income, you have taken the first step toward financial freedom.

The Complete Guide to Automating Your Savings
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After automating your entire investment plan, you can save and invest without even having to watch.

Pay Yourself First
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The greatest engine to generate real wealth is saving and investing. And the best way to ensure that your default is saving and investing is to automate the process. Pay yourself first, and your savings will grow exponentially.

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