As part of our service to clients, we provide you with quarterly reports showing information pertaining to your asset allocation, changes in your portfolio, performance summary by asset class, your portfolio value versus cumulative net investment, contributions and withdrawals by year, yearly performance summary by asset class, and information on our fee for that quarter.

The performance sections show the time-weighted return net of fees for each of the six asset classes (Short Money, U.S. Bonds, Foreign Bonds, U.S. Stocks, Foreign Stocks, and Resource Stocks) as well as the portfolio as a whole for various time periods including since inception.

For more information about our reporting, read our ADV Part 2.

Billing Retirement Accounts to Maximize After-Tax Net Worth

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One obscure way we bring value to clients is how we bill them.

An Honest Conversation About Compensation

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For the proper Victorian, acts of love and money should not mix. Although this honest conversion may ruffle Victorian sensibilities, it is a foundation of the trust we forge with our clients.

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