Elizabeth Brew

Financial Analyst, CFP®

Elizabeth Brew is a financial analyst, specializing in Social Security, safe withdrawal rates, and cash flow analysis; a portfolio manager who rebalances portfolios as well as trades in response to client cash flow needs; and a wealth manager to a select number of clients.

Elizabeth graduated from Virginia Tech Summa Cum Laude and holds a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Financial Planning. She also minored in Sociology. During her time at Virginia Tech, Elizabeth was an active member in the Virginia Tech collegiate chapter of the Financial Planning Association. She joined the firm full-time in 2017.

Elizabeth grew up in Belgium, Greece, and Kuwait. She now lives in Charlottesville with her husband. She enjoys reading, solving puzzles, and finding new things to do in Charlottesville.

For more information about Elizabeth, you may enjoy reading the 2019 article “All About Elizabeth Woodrum, CFP®” (which uses her maiden name).

Credentials & Memberships


The CFP® certification is the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

For more information about this designation, see the CFP Board website.

NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor

This membership represents the highest standard of fiduciary duty in the financial services industry.

For more information about this membership, see the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.


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