Many people recognize the importance of financial planning for their budgeting and investments, but it is also important to think purposefully about charitable giving in order to maximize its good effects. Although giving is its own reward, giving wisely increases the blessing.

At Marotta Wealth Management, we help our clients through the rewarding process of charitable giving. Our clients receive advice on investment selection and timing to maximize giving and minimize taxes. We also provide the administrative support necessary to oversee the entire gifting process.

We are adept in managing Donor Advised Funds, both testamentary and contributory, and can assist in the acquisition of Virginia Tax Credits, such as Education Improvement or Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) credits.

For a more detailed look at giving gifts of stock, see our article “Why You Should Give Appreciated Stock Instead of Cash.”

Pay Your State Tax By Donating to Charity

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If you have a tax credit eligible charity where you like their work better than the state government, then consider redirecting your state tax to fund the charity instead.

The Complete Guide to Planned and Charitable Giving

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Taking these few extra steps can maximize your gift’s benefit to both you and the recipient.

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