Since the Social Security Act became law in 1935, hundreds of amendments have added to the complexity.

When to file and what to file for makes a big difference in how much money you get over time. It is important to consider all your Social Security options carefully to avoid making a costly mistake.

Unfortunately, many people file after considering only one or two isolated options. The Social Security Administration’s new online filing system enables quick decision making. People can easily submit their request without any professional advice or planning.

Couples must take their joint longevity into account before either one files for benefits. The person with the longer life expectancy will inherit either a wise or a foolish decision that will last a lifetime. Given that a husband’s benefits are often higher and the wife’s life expectancy longer, each case needs to be analyzed carefully.

Upon request, we help you determine when to begin receiving Social Security in order to maximize benefits.

Two Ways to Fix Social Security Filing Mistakes

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If you are still in your 60s, the good news is your decision doesn’t have to be permanent. You actually have two ways in which you can change your benefit amount.

Read This Before Starting Social Security Earlier Than Age 70

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Even though is often the worst choice, most people take Social Security as early as possible, at age 62. This decision reduces lifetime benefits by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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