There are a host of decisions that need to be made before you can retire. Planning prior to retirement can provide you the best chance of meeting your goals and therefore the greatest peace of mind about the future.

Small decisions such as choosing when to take Social Security, how to invest your 401(k) plan, how to fund your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and how to stretch your money in retirement can have a great impact on your finances. For all of these, planning early will help time to work for you instead of against you.

Retirement isn’t an age and doesn’t have to do with your workload. Instead, retirement is the state of being financially independent and free to do whatever you would like to do.

At Marotta Wealth Managment, we offer a personalized retirement analysis that helps you calculate how much you need to save to meet your goals, how much you can spend to stay on track for those goals, and how to maximize your odds of success.

How to Save for Retirement When You Are Old And Broke

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No matter how small your savings or when you start accumulating them, those small changes have large effects over time.

How to Self-Insure for Long-Term Care Health Expenses

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If you save this target, your assets have a better chance of seeing you all the way to the end.

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