Megan Russell

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Megan Russell’s work alternates between high-level processes and day-to-day details. She is the primary designer of our internal workflows, oversees the technical side of Marotta Wealth Management as our head programmer, and is a regular contributor to our Marotta On Money articles. Her writings have been featured and quoted in several publications across the country.

She has specialized in almost every service at the firm and is the head of Marotta Wealth Management’s research and development. Right now, she is our tax specialist and is responsible for our customized Roth conversion recommendations.

Megan has worked with Marotta Wealth Management most of her life. After several summers of volunteer work, she officially began working for the firm part-time in 2005. After seven years of consulting and design work, she came on staff full time in 2012.

Megan holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia and lives in Charlottesville with her husband and daughter. When she isn’t working, Megan is a collector of games. Some favorites include Pathfinder, Forbidden Desert, Ghooost!, Tokaido, Disney Villainous, and Tajemnicze Domostwo.

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