How to Inherit a Roth IRA Outright From a Trust at Schwab
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Beneficiary designations directly to your heirs are a cleaner estate planning solution.

Help! I Inherited a Nondeductible Basis!
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If you inherit a traditional IRA from a person who had a basis in the IRA because of nondeductible contributions, that basis remains with the IRA assets as they come into your ownership.

How to Inherit an IRA When a Trust is the Beneficiary
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Oddly enough, how a trust inherits an IRA is as important as what it does with the IRA after receiving it.

Getting Started as an Executor
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This is intended to be a brief overview of what you should do once you realize you are overseeing an estate.

Estate Settlement: Satisfying the Year of Death RMD
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The required IRA distribution in the year the account owner dies is called a Year of Death RMD.

Calculating Inherited RMDs When the IRA Owner Was Younger
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There is unique tax planning involved though when an age 70 1/2 IRA owner was younger than the beneficiary.

What You Need to Know to Inherit an Inherited IRA
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Although you can have second generation beneficiaries, the first non-spouse designated beneficiary is the last one to receive a new RMD divisor calculation.

How You Take Your Inherited IRA RMD Is the Exception to the Rule
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Inherited RMD rules demonstrates the power and importance of beneficiary designations and why it is so important to set them.

Planning for a Funeral
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Funeral expenses are often a family’s fourth largest expense.

How to Be a Good Executor
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You’ve been named the executor of a relative’s will – now what?

One Hidden Way the IRS Hurts the Bereaved
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It is often said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. The IRS takes that truism to heart.

How To Divide An Inherited Account Evenly
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There is no accounting for how many heirs an account might need to be divided among in an estate plan. Here are the best practices for how to divide the estate.

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