Radio: Psychological Manipulation of Helicopter Government
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On June 5, 2018, David John Marotta and Megan Russell appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show to remember June 5, 2013 and discuss our modern surveillance state.

Remembering June 5, 2013
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On this day in 2013, Snowden revealed the U.S. government was actively pursuing the constant surveillance of everyone’s digital life.

Helicopter Government
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At best, it is a crutch holding you up. At worst, it is a ball and chain holding you down.

Centralized Planning Requires Omniscience
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The burden of mandatory government data collection should be opposed whenever possible.

“Citizenfour” Reminds Us We Should Still Be Outraged
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The domestic spying of the executive branch deserves our outrage. Efforts like “Citizenfour” that keep the issue in the public eye deserve our support.

NSA Blanket Surveillance Unconstitutional
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“What is remarkable is that is actually acknowledging it is illegal.”

Laura Donohue’s Comments at Cato Institution’s NSA Law Panel
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“The telephony, the bulk collection of America’s telephony metadata is contrary to the entire intent of Congress in enacting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It violates the statutory provisions of FISA. And it is unconstitutional.”

What’s The Big Deal About Privacy?
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NPR writer Alva Noë says privacy is unimportant, but from the very start of his argument Noë is confused about what privacy is.

The Right to Privacy of Correspondence Is Inviolate
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We need to protect more of our natural rights by enumerating them.

Your Data Betrays You
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Thanks to the public record, pieces of otherwise random information can be used to precisely identify an individual. Find out what some of the most common data leaks are in your life.

PRISM Would Have Jailed Thomas Jefferson Long Before 1773
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If there isn’t a strong enough outcry, these practices will become institutionalized.

Support for The Right to Privacy of Correspondence
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Many people have asked what can be done. Here is a proposal.

Edward Snowden’s Motivations, In His Own Words
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“If they were in my position, and, you know, you live a privileged life—you’re living in Hawaii, in Paradise, and making a ton of money—what would it take to make you leave everything behind?”

Right to Privacy of Correspondence of Other Countries
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The constitutions of many other countries guarantee and protect the privacy of correspondence. The United States does not.

If You Have Nothing to Hide, Then You Have Nothing to Fear
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The faceless government agencies aren’t really faceless at all; they are populated by the very same types of potential criminals and nogoodniks that we would avoid sharing our personal information with on the street.

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