Did Obamacare Impoverish Employee’s Retirement Benefits?
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Employers are paying more in benefits, but with the increase in health care costs there is less for retirement contributions.

Health Care Insurance Rises Another 24.6%
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ObamaCare was always going to be a bad law and now, five years in, that should be clear to everybody.

Do New Healthcare Plans Cost More?
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Last year plans were being cancelled. This year, citizens are receiving notifications of rate hikes in the double digits. Is this really happening?

Is Obamacare Responsible for a Jobless Recovery?
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Three part time employees equals two full time employees while avoiding $4,000 in annual fines.

Obama Care is Costing Americans $384 Billion More Each Year
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The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), is misleadingly named. It has neither protected patients nor made healthcare more affordable.

ObamaCare Is the Worst Legislation in 75 Years
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Everyone in our risk pool will order filet mignon. First the costs will skyrocket. And then the meat will be rotten.

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