Is Obamacare Responsible for a Jobless Recovery?
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Three part time employees equals two full time employees while avoiding $4,000 in annual fines.

Do We Have a Right to Health Care?
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The Affordable Care Act encourages everyone to get health care insurance by punishing those who don’t. Proponents of Obamacare justify this saying that health care is a human right. But is it?

Detroit’s Bankruptcy Doesn’t “Just Happen”
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Corporations go bankrupt for a wide variety of reasons, but there’s only one reason for municipalities.

The Complete Guide to Your Washing Machine
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The complete guide to saving money while washing your clothes. What temperature should the water be? What cycle should I use? What detergent should I use?

The Right to Privacy of Correspondence Is Inviolate
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We need to protect more of our natural rights by enumerating them.

Your Data Betrays You
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Thanks to the public record, pieces of otherwise random information can be used to precisely identify an individual. Find out what some of the most common data leaks are in your life.

PRISM Would Have Jailed Thomas Jefferson Long Before 1773
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If there isn’t a strong enough outcry, these practices will become institutionalized.

Support for The Right to Privacy of Correspondence
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Many people have asked what can be done. Here is a proposal.

Edward Snowden’s Motivations, In His Own Words
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“If they were in my position, and, you know, you live a privileged life—you’re living in Hawaii, in Paradise, and making a ton of money—what would it take to make you leave everything behind?”

Radio: The Right to Privacy of Correspondence
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David John Marotta and Megan Russell were interviewed on radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing privacy and proposing an amendment on the right to privacy of correspondence.

Useful Things You Can Do In 15-Minutes or Less
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How much can you save in 15-minutes? Ready. Set….

The Confederate Constitution: What Your Elementary School Didn’t Teach You
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Some of the Confederate edits to the Constitution would have helped prevent a lot of the federal mischief we’ve experienced.

Jefferson Davis Posthumously Responds to Our Readers’ Reactions
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We were surprised by some of the reactions to our recent article on protective tariffs as one of the primary causes of the Civil War.

The Worst Advice Given to Me
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Milestones in life encourage advice. In 2012, I graduated, got married, and started a job and then this year, I bought a house. I received a lot of great advice, but here is some of the worse advice I was given.

Protective Tariffs: The Primary Cause of the Civil War
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Many Americans do not fully understand the causes of the Civil War.

The Complete Guide to Your Clothes Dryer
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The complete guide to saving money while drying your clothes. Should I air dry? Can I line dry inside? Is there ever a case when my dryer is cheaper?

What Our Founding Fathers Got Wrong
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It’s hard to believe they would both protest a tariff-created monopoly at the Boston Tea Party and then create one at the first congress.

The Complete Guide To Your Dishwasher
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The complete guide to saving money while getting your dishes clean. Does hand washing save money? Should I pre-wash? How full should I fill my dishwasher?

How to Make Money Paying Virginia Income Tax
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Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this tax code oddity.

Four Reasons You Are Afraid of Investing
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This kitten isn’t afraid of the markets. Be more like this kitten.

Government Officials Should Not Be Allowed to Plead the Fifth
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Without public accountability, people are rightly suspicious that even the legitimate operations of government are corrupt.

Do You Know What Your Appliances Cost You?
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“Don’t air condition the outside” and “Turn the lights off when you leave a room” are often quoted as proverbs of energy savings, but the real savings is in several other appliances.

The Optimum Asset Allocation to Gold Is Always Zero
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Fearful of monetary or societal failure, many hope that owning gold will bring them peace of mind.

One Successful Way To Find Happiness
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Some struggles are inevitable, but others are decided by who you marry. This kitten married well.

Marketplace Fairness Act Burdens Businesses with State Compliance Audits
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Compliance isn’t just a technical burden. It is a threat of legal liability. The bill allows state tax audits by any state against any online vendor.

Help Recent Graduates Find a Fulfilling Career
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This kitten knows his area of genius. Be more like this kitten.

Marketplace Fairness Act Adds Automation to Tax Confusion
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It is not a new tax. It is simply a tax that nearly everyone currently reading this column is successfully evading without prosecution.

Helping New Graduates Get a Financial Life
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Matthew Illian says young adults should read one personal finance book a year to expand their financial literacy. See what books we would recommend.

Five Easy Ways To Save
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This kitten is frugal. Be more like this kitten.

Do Tariffs Protect an Infant Industry?
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Do infant industries need tariffs to protect them from their own inefficiency and stupidity?

Essential Financial Advice for College Graduates
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As the wife of a 2013 college graduate and a 2012 college graduate myself, I can boldly say this was the most helpful advice given to me.

The Dangers of Automated Payments
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This kitten knows how much she spends. Be more like this kitten.

Is There A Moral Case for “Buy American”?
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Perhaps we would be economically better off with global trade, but do we have an obligation to maintain a higher moral standard?

Avoid Bad Purchases
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This kitten buys the coat not the coal. Be more like this kitten.

How to Save for College
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These kittens have college savings plans. Be more like these kittens.

Is “Buy American” Un-American?
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America will continue to lose jobs where we don’t have a comparative advantage and gain jobs where we do. This change should be welcome.

Keep Working and Hire Financial Professionals
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For families with complexity to their finances, hiring a tax professional actually saves them money. Wealth managers bring benefit to such families in the same way.

Budgeting: A Lesson In Alternative Currencies
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This kitten has a budget. Be more like this kitten.

Better to Bank with Cyprus Than the United States?
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Without any authorizing legislation, the U.S. government has quietly taken more value than Cyprus tried and failed to confiscate.

Getting Started with Financial Planning: Step One
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This kitten lives below her means. Be more like this kitten.

Is 95% of the Trade Imbalance Legal Tax Evasion?
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As one of Forbes’s 25 largest fictional companies, Stark International could avoid $4 billion in U.S. corporate taxes with this one simple technique.

More Than 25% of Americans Are Making a Financial Mistake
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If you look beyond the short term, making this move is pretty clearly worse than using a high-interest credit card to pay your bills.

Welfare Prevention Is Financial Planning
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This kitten is willing to ask for help. Be more like this kitten.

Eight Questions For Those Who Think “Free Trade Fails in Theory and Practice”
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If you’ve disagreed with our most recent two articles on free trade, then I challenge you to respond to these questions. Anyone?

The Benefits of Free Trade Agreements: The Country Always Wins
with 2 Comments

Average Americans think about trade imbalances the wrong way. They have it exactly backward.

What The Government Wishes You Didn’t Know About Antidumping Laws
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Anti-dumping rules are supposed to protect domestic producers and domestic jobs from unscrupulous foreign competition, but anti-dumping rules raise prices for their consumers and producers, shrink profits, and reduce the capacity of firms to invest, expand, and hire more workers.

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