How to Transfer Your Economic Impact Payment Card Into Your Bank Account
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It took me one hour to complete from start to finish. Hopefully, now that I have bumbled my way through it on my own and documented the steps, it takes you less time.

Funding a 3-Year-Old’s Roth IRA
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My daughter was employed at her first job, earned her first income, and was able to fund her Roth IRA for the first time.

Fund Your Child’s Roth with Chore Income
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There are many opportunities to pay your children. If that payment can be counted as earned income, then the child is eligible to fund their Roth IRA.

Q&A: Can I Use 529 Funds for Off-Campus Housing?
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In general, you can use 529 funds to pay for your student’s off-campus housing costs.

Charles Schwab: How to Order More Checks or Deposit Slips
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With Schwab Bank, any time you need more checks or deposit slips you can simply request them for free.

Move Funds Between Your Bank Account and Your Schwab Account
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In order to move funds between a non-Schwab account (external account) and your Schwab account, you simply need to establish what is called a MoneyLink.

How to Lower Your AGI and Why You’d Want To
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Here are 8 reasons you’d want to lower your AGI and 8 methods to lower your AGI.

How Your Tax Is Calculated: Understanding the Qualified Dividends and Capital Gains Worksheet
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The 27 lines, because they are so simplified, end up being difficult to follow what exactly they do. So, for those of you who are curious, here’s what they do.

Can I Contribute to Both a SEP and a 401(k)?
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SEP plans offer a powerful way to provide for your own retirement in the same way that 401ks do.

What is a 1031 Real Estate Exchange?
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Despite their complexity, these exchanges have the potential to save vast amounts of money.

The Complete Guide to Your Washing Machine
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The complete guide to saving money while washing your clothes. What temperature should the water be? What cycle should I use? What detergent should I use?

The Complete Guide to Your Clothes Dryer
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The complete guide to saving money while drying your clothes. Should I air dry? Can I line dry inside? Is there ever a case when my dryer is cheaper?

How to Avoid the Vehicle Sales Tax in Virginia
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“I would like to give my daughter my newer car, but the tax considerations are not simple.”

Mailbag: Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?
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Some say don’t make extra payments, take the tax deduction. Others say you need to be debt free.

Why is Bob Cratchit So Poor?
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At first glance, this story fills us with pity for the Cratchit family, always struggling to make ends meet. But is that the true story?

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