May 5, 2016

About Beth Nedelisky

Beth Nedelisky is part of the Investment Committee at Marotta Wealth Management, Inc. and specializes in trust and endowment management. Born in Africa, raised in Europe and married in the USA, Beth understands world markets first hand. Favorite IRS form: Schedule A.

What is a Roth Conversion?

What is a Roth Conversion?

If you don’t have retirement savings in Roth IRAs, it’s time you considered their benefits. Assets in traditional IRAs can be rolled into Roth IRAs without a withdrawal penalty.


Myth: A Will Determines How Your Assets Are Distributed When You Die


It is a common assumption that your last will and testament determines who gets your stuff when you die. What you may not know is the vast majority of your assets may be transferred to others regardless of the instructions in your will.


Estate Planning is More Than Just a Will: 3 Essential Documents You Should Have

Grey farm

A good estate plan is every bit as useful during your lifetime as it is at your death. No matter your age or how much (or how little) money you have, there are three essential estate planning documents you should have.


Who Gets Your Stuff When You Die Without a Will?

Who Gets Your Stuff When You Die Without a Will?

It can be tricky to figure out who your “next of kin” is, so here’s a handy flowchart to help you figure out who gets everything you leave behind if you don’t have a will.


Looking Ahead: Are Bonds the Next Big Bubble?


Long-term government bonds outperformed stocks over the past 20 years ending 2011, but the next 20 years may be a very different story.


Success and Significance in Retirement

Sailboat to Money Island

Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement. As a result, they often miss out on opportunities to enjoy the second half of life.


Giving Gifts to the Wrong Beneficiaries–Mistake #5


Knowing which assets to give away to your beneficiaries can save your estate and your beneficiaries big tax bills, even if you have a small net worth. If you plan on making a gift to charity from your estate, you can be even more tax savvy with your giving.


Failing to Implement the Estate Plan–Mistake #6


One of the most common estate planning mistakes is a plan that is implemented incorrectly. Your estate plan is only worth the paper it is printed on unless you follow through on titling your assets correctly and updating your beneficiary designations.


Creating Multiple Probate Estates–Mistake #4

Several Generations

If you own real estate in different states, you may be leaving a mess of nightmarish proportions for your executor (the person who oversees and distributes your assets when you die). Here’s how to reduce the headache.


Failing to Name Beneficiaries on Retirement Accounts and Insurance Policies–Mistake #3

Grandfather and Grandson

It may surprise you that proceeds from retirement accounts and insurance policies are not divided according to the terms in your will. Instead, these assets pass directly to the beneficiaries you named on the account.


Assuming a Will is All You Need–Mistake #2

Older Women

Taking the time to create your estate documents may protect your interest as much while you are alive as they will after your death. No matter your age, in addition to a will, you need two additional documents.


Not Having an Estate Plan–Mistake #1

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The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all and assume everything will pan out in the end. No matter how much (or how little) money you have, you need at least a simple will.


Are All ETFs Created Equal?


Much of the recent conversation about ETFs has to do with the hidden risks of “synthetic ETFs,” risks which are not present in their mundane relatives known as “physical ETFs.”


This Time is (Not) Different

This Time is Different

Growing investor despair that somehow we have entered into a new era in which individual investors can no longer make money in the markets is an overreaction to the headlines.


Start Your Own Dynasty Trust

Child on Money

Unlike the trusts which helped John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan keep their wealth in the family, this new breed of dynasty trust is not just for the mega-wealthy.


IPS: Build Your Financial Dream Home with a Good Blueprint

Blue Money Financial Blueprint

Without a financial plan, your investments are controlling your dreams, not the other way around. You need a blueprint for your financial dreams to come true. That blueprint in sound financial planning is called an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).