What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?
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It is helpful to know that a charitable remainder trust exists, but most charitable intentions benefit more from a donor advised fund.

Why Trusts Are So Confusing
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Trusts are like Calvinball except that the government is trying to play referee. It is quickly confusing.

Common Endowment Mistakes
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Prudent investment practice is as much about knowing what not to do as it is about knowing what to do.

Selecting an Endowment’s Asset Allocation
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Two rules of endowment investing: 1) Keep an equity bias and 2) diversify.

How to Set Endowment Spending Rates
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Endowment spending rates can prove a catalyst for fulfilling or killing the life of the organization itself.

Best Practices for Trusts, Foundations, and Endowments
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Even if a committee has contracted with “prudent experts,” the Committee never delegates its fiduciary responsibility.

Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Duty as a Trustee or Board Member
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Despite the fact that millions serve in a fiduciary role, many are wholly unaware of their legal responsibilities.

How Should We Manage a Non-Profit Endowment?
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“There exists a timeless and flexible process for successful investment management decision making that is specifically tailored for Investment Stewards.”

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