Wealth Inequality In America Series

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The video “Wealth Inequality in America” was featured on Upworthy, a social media megaphone. It was then re-posted by a significant minority that’s become more infatuated with socialism. The video is not only misleading, but the research methods of its underlying study are laughable.

This series of blog posts were intended to be a more reasoned reply to a complex issue.


Wealth Inequality In America

The video “Wealth Inequality in America” is not only misleading, but the research methods of its underlying study are laughable.
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Wealth Inequality in America, Part 2

Blaming the 85% with 100% of the wealth for the poverty of the remaining 15% is unreasonable. The two are unrelated.
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Wealth Inequality in America, Part 3

Even the negative or inconsequential effects of welfare often fail to convinced some people that a new system of assistance is necessary.
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Wealth Inequality in America, Part 4

Your opinions depend on your view of humanity.
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Wealth Inequality in America, Part 5

A change in attitude is needed for the poor to develop a wealth-generating mindset.
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And here is a list of related posts:


Are Property Rights Human Rights?

Does a property owner has the right to use and dispose of his property as he sees fit even if that means he is being irrational, arbitrary, capricious, even unjust?
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What Equality Should We Seek in Society?

Studies suggest that brains may be wired with either a utopian or a tragic view of the world, corresponding roughly to liberals and conservatives. We continue to talk past each other in political debates.
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A Progressive Tax Code is Economically Destructive

Most Americans assume a progressive tax code is needed to promote equality and remove some of the burden of other taxes on those with the lowest income. But the progressive nature of the tax code changes behavior in many ways.
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Going John Galt

If you’re not an economist, you may vastly underestimate the negative impact of taxes on the U.S. economy.
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Who Pays For Corporate Taxes?

“We tax cars, land and corporations. It is a good thing that people don’t have to pay them!”
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A grown-up discussion on income and wealth inequality in America

Most work toward equality of results impoverishes everyone.
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Ratio Of Takers To Givers Reaches A Tipping Point

This is what makes the stock market in some countries better than others. Make sure that you understand freedom investing for your portfolio.
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Which rich are you trying to tax?

Those productive small business owners with higher earnings are a different group from the ultra-wealthy with higher net worths.
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The Assault on Free Markets

Free markets are under assault in America. We have seen much hyperbole and slander in these past two years of political polarization. But the idea of capitalism and free markets has received more negative campaigning and vicious attack than both candidates combined.
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Trickle-Down Taxation

One of the strange and unintended consequences of targeting the rich with more taxes will be a greater gap between the rich and the poor as employees will shoulder their fair share no matter what.
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What Is Rent-Seeking Behavior?

Studies suggest that $1.5 trillion is wasted on public sector rent-seeking.
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The Fragility of Freedom at 60%

In 1977 economist Milton Friedman wrote an article “The Line We Dare Not Cross: The Fragility of Freedom at ’60%.’” We are in danger of crossing that line.
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Do Investors Deserve to Make Money?

When I work my 9 to 5 job and earn a paycheck, I receive a paper certificate I can trade in for the real reward of my labor. But why do investors get a reward?
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Should We Hate the Richest Kids in the Graveyard?

“They don’t deserve it!” is the most common complaint. And in most cases it’s true
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Tax records show Republicans overly generous, Democrats excessively stingy.

The hypocrisy of candidates who pretend to be generous with other people’s money while purposefully characterizing those who are actually generous destructively is an issue worthy of consideration when you vote.
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The Blank Slate by Stephen Pinker

Although it would be wonderful if we lived in a world that lived up to the ideals of the Utopian Vision, we believe along with Stephen Pinker that reality supports the Tragic Vision.
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Minimum Wage Hurts Starter Jobs

Some first-time workers are not worth minimum wage. But without being hired, they can’t learn job-related skills.
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List of Income-Tested Benefits Programs

A total of 85 different income-tested benefit programs and their expenditure as of 2002.
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