Third Quarter 2011 in Review

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Here is a collection of articles from and about third quarter 2011:

What Happened This Summer?

Lifeguard with BinocularsThis summer many things that should do better over a long-term investment strategy did not. This situation is not unusual for one quarter’s worth of time. Such a result only makes reversion to the mean much more likely in the coming quarters.

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This Time is (Not) Different

This Time is DifferentGrowing investor despair that somehow we have entered into a new era in which individual investors can no longer make money in the markets is an overreaction to the headlines.

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Money Questions: Fleeing to Fixed Income

old man with caneWhat advice do you have for someone who is considering a strategy shift toward fixed income?

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How to Maximize Long-Term Returns

August 22, 2011by David John Marotta

Coin GraphI recently read two articles that provided insight on how investors should respond to a market downturn.

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Mailbag: Should I buy puts if I’m worried about the market?

Sunken BoatWon’t this hedge the markets and protect me in case the markets go down?

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Family Affair

David and George MarottaFather George Marotta and son David John Marotta were featured in an article in Financial Planning magazine.

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Rich Dad, Patient Daughter

Learning to Wait a Week

With money in my pocket and impulse in my veins, I used to cherish our weekly trips to Toys ‘R’ Us. However, it was on the Barbie aisle under my parents guidance that I became a money savvy kid with the millionaire mindset.

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The Hedging Game

September 16, 2011 by David John Marotta

Hedgehog“Structured products’ risk-reward ratio is worse than you think.”

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Mailbag: How can there be more sellers than buyers?

MarketHow can there be more sellers than buyers? Who are those “extra” sellers selling to?

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