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Immediate Fixed Annuities Part 2 – Immediate Fixed Annuities – The Hidden Risks
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Because you can’t change your mind, and you can’t spend your money ahead of time, the best use of an immediate fixed annuity is to protect you from yourself. Call me wild and crazy, but this is not the risk I am worried about.

Immediate Fixed Annuities Part 1 – Immediate Fixed Annuities Aren’t Really “Fixed”
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The returns offered by immediate fixed annuities aren’t as good as they sound. The slight of hand in this case is the immediate loss of 100% of your principal. They are “fixed” for you to lose and the insurance company to win.

Atkins Investing Part 2: Low-Carb Investing Has Resulted in Healthy Profits
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Diversify your business and your investments. That way fads and trends won’t determine your financial success.

Atkins Investing Part 1: Low-Carb Trend Has Caused Some Companies to Lose Weight
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Adapting and reacting to trends is important in investing and crucial in small business.

Gas Prices Part 2: Remove Taxes and Price Controls on Gasoline
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At least 40% of the federal gasoline taxes are wasted on non-highway items of dubious general welfare. And 2.86 cents of the revenue is used to subsidize mass transit unused by all but a few large cities.
As an additional inequity, Virginia is a donor state. That means that Virginia, like most southern states, sends the government more in gasoline taxes than it receives in federal pork. We don’t even get to waste our own money! Most of the pork is sent to the Northeast and to states with more influential senators.

Gas Prices Part 1: High Gasoline Prices Are The Best Energy Policy
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If market forces drive up the price of gasoline, any efforts to reduce it aside from supply and demand punishes the exercise of economic freedom and personal responsibility. If you find the moral argument of freedom unconvincing, free markets can still win the pragmatic debate.

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day
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Don’t put off the things that truly matter to you until you have more time. You will never have any more time than what you are given each day.

Maintain Financial Balance When in Business
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Running a small business requires financial balance. Here are ten rules.

Business Planning Must Balance Dreams With Reality
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Many businesses can be started in your spare time, from your home. This allows you to test the waters and determine if the market can eventually support you on a full time basis.

Economic Hypocrisy Plagues Public Sector
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We act as if being a business owner is trivial enough to burden them with the responsibility of funding, implementing, and enforcing whatever social programs are in vogue. Then we exempt ourselves from taking the risk.

Economic Freedom Part 2: Let Freedom Ka-Ching
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We find the Heritage study useful, both to refute other presidential candidate’s claims that governmental coercion will make us richer economically, and also to help us find those countries where investment actually would make us richer.

Economic Freedom Part 1: Invest In Countries With Economic Freedom
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Each year since 1994 the Heritage Foundation has used a systematic, empirical measurement of economic freedom in countries throughout the world.

Foreign Trade Not Aid Encourages Freedom Abroad
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The amount of money involved in foreign aid is often large enough to politicize the economic life of a small country and lead to massive graft, corruption, and waste.

Health Savings Accounts
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All systems must have a regulator in order to dampen runaway reactions. Healthcare coverage is no exception.

The High Cost of Medical Benefits
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Here is a rule for building stable economic systems: Who pays for a service and who is empowered to decide if a service should be given and who actually benefits from the service should all be the same person.

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