Wisdom To Be Learned From The Vice Presidential Nominees

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This month is the Freedom Party’s National Convention. Our first order of business is to select our Vice Presidential nominee.

Since declaring my candidacy under the Financial Freedom Party I’ve suggested seven candidates for Vice President who have ideas that support your financial freedom. Since our platform is based on the confidence that what matters is your choice, we are allowing readers of this column to select the Freedom Party’s Vice Presidential Nominee. If you are actively taking control of your financial freedom, you are invited to be part of our online convention and select our Vice President.

This is not just a method of advertising our newly designed website, nor simply an opportunity to let you know where you can go to read all my previous columns nicely organized by topic. I won’t mention that the site has a forum for the discussion of financial planning, investments, politics or specific weekly columns. Nor will I mention that my daughter, the eighth and youngest Marotta to contribute to the firm, did the redesign. Like all Presidential candidates, I could speak for hours on what I am not going to say!

To prepare you for the polls, here are the first 7 nominees:

1. Bert Whitehead, NAPFA member and author of “Facing Financial Dysfunction” taught us that we have control over the most important decisions that control financial success.

2. George Marotta, Research Fellow and father of Freedom Party’s Presidential Candidate, David John Marotta, taught us that trade, not aid, is what brings prosperity to people and countries alike.

3. Kwame Jackson, The Apprentice first season runner-up taught us to be the Master, not the Apprentice because having your own business grants you the financial freedom to control your own daily destiny.

4. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at The Hoover Institution taught us to have the maturity to live with imperfections in order that we might have the freedom to solve our own problems.

5. Arnold Bennett, deceased author of “How to Live on 24 Hours A Day” taught us back in 1910 to live a purposeful life, and that every day we are given a fresh 24 hours to start anew.

6. Arthur Laffer, economist and author of the Laffer Curve, taught us that restricting personal financial freedom through taxes makes us all poorer.

7. Steve Forbes, who proposed a flat tax in the two previous Presidential Campaigns, reminded us that all the political parties should be in favor of the freedom that lower flatter taxes would provide.

8. The final surprise Vice Presidential Candidate is one that was obvious to me after reviewing the lessons we have learned from the previous seven nominees. The eighth candidate has all the strengths of the previous seven, and without any of their weaknesses. No, it isn’t Marotta Asset Management, though we strive to have these ideals as well. And we guarantee you will agree it makes sense to entrust leadership to this last nominee, which is of course you.

Amidst the economic uncertainties of our times, we hope you have learned the lessons of these wise advisors, and will start taking control of your financial future today. Tomorrow’s certainties are based on today’s vote.

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