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That Rebate Check Could Ruin Your Retirement Part 2
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You can’t spend money apart from your lifestyle because that’s the definition of lifestyle.

Tax Rebates Are a Losing Proposition Part 1
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Tax rebate stimulus checks are a cheap and inefficient gimmick.

Radio: Secrets of Financial Harmony in Marriage
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How to structure your finances to love and respect your spouse.

Subprime Lending
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The subprime mortgage meltdown has cost the world 15% of its market capitalization, about $9 trillion. The primary culprit who caused all of this financial loss, pain and suffering is not the mortgage companies.

First Quarter Review 2008
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Systemic problems in your portfolio will continue even after the markets rebound.

Tax Freedom Day 2008
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If the federal tax cuts expire, we will have to work an extra week for the government.

529 Plans Help with Estate Planning
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A $360,000 investment can remove over $2 million from their taxable estate, savings $900,706 in estate taxes.

Decide to Be Rich
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It used to be that becoming a millionaire was regarded as a huge achievement. In today’s dollars, however, it is fairly trivial. The new rich is over $5 million.

Ignore Daily Financial Noise
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Investors are fickle. Investing should not be. When your investments go down, even slightly, you may be tempted to make poor choices.

Gold Mining Companies Glitter More Than Bullion
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Gold may glitter, but it is still better to own the mine.

Life Insurance: Determining Your Need
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Avoid debt and don’t burden your family with any expenses after you are gone.

Remember to Fund Your Roth IRA
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Historically, income taxes have not been this low since 1931.

Loss Aversion
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Psychologists suggest we feel a loss about 2.5 times as much as an equivalent gain. Even with a brilliant investment plan, it takes diligence to overcome our emotional biases and avoid making investing mistakes.

Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax
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The correct rate for the capital gains tax is zero, zip, nada. Perhaps it is even negative!

Learning to Live on Your Own, Part 2
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Here we offer some sound advice on how to put the money you’ve saved to work for you.

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