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Kiddie Tax Loophole Soon To Disappear
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Use a 529 college savings account to save for college.

IRAs Offer Big Tax Savings for Charitable Gifts
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Only contributions made to charity before January 1, 2008 can be characterized as qualified charitable distributions.

Dorothy in Taxland: Below the Line Deductions
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Below the line deductions are uncertain. Like many items in the tax code the correct answer to “Will they reduce my taxes?” is: “It depends.”

Dorothy in Taxland: Tax on Marriage
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As Glinda advises us, “It’s always best to start at the beginning,” and at the beginning of the tax return is determining your filing status.

Dorothy in Taxland: Above the Line Deductions
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Most Americans look backward and only hope that Uncle Sam will return some of what they have already paid, but those with wealth look ahead and adjust their affairs according to the tax code.

University Students: Getting Sucked Dry by Credit Cards
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Last week we listed the ways university student are enticed into using credit cards. This week we will examine the economical impact of those initially small and convenient monthly payments.

University Students: Getting Suckered in with Credit Cards
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Although 60% of college student’s pay off their balance each month, that leaves 40% who do not.

With Great Characters Come Great Stock Returns
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Marvel only gets 31% of its revenue from publishing comic books.

Keeping Expenses Low While Building Your Portfolio
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Sand can be used to further diversify your portfolio.

Blending Index Funds To Achieve Higher Returns
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Even if you only use index funds, you should blend dozens of them in an asset allocation aimed at reducing risk and increasing returns.

Managing Your Biggest Asset: Your Career
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A lesser-paying job may be better for your long-term career because of the skills you will gain.

Foreign Freedom Investing 2007
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On average, international stocks appreciate more than US stocks. What’s more, companies located in countries with the most economic freedom typically appreciate more than the broader international average.

You Too Can Become a Billionaire
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Learning how billionaires amass their wealth may expand your financial horizons and possibly stimulate some ideas that could lead to your name being added in the future.

Bankruptcy Is Sometimes the Best Option
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Most people want to honor their debt. But many families have allowed their debt to spiral out of control, and they feel helpless, ashamed, and at a loss to know what to do. While bankruptcy isn’t anyone’s first choice, sometimes it is an important choice to consider.

Evan Almighty: Financing a Block Buster
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Those actually seeing the movie in a theater provide only 14% of a film’s revenue.

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