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You’re Fired! Now Get to Work!
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“You’re fired!” can be an opportunity to work for yourself. But the best two words you might hear are yourself saying, “I quit.” Working for yourself is risky and frightening, but the financial freedom and opportunities you gain are significant.

Taxes are NOT Funny
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“April is the month,” one wit noted, “when the green returns to the lawn, the trees and the Internal Revenue Service.”

Tax Freedom Day Arrives on April 17th, 2005
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Two hours and twenty minutes of every eight hour day go to pay taxes. Three minutes go toward personal savings.

You Too Can Become A Billionaire (2005)
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On your way to becoming a billionaire, the million markers become commonplace.

Budgeting Part 3: Reduce Your Spending
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Spending less money isn’t an end it itself. Directing your spending to what you truly value is what is important.

Budgeting Part 2: Living On A Family Budget
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Keeping control of your finances means that you can have more fun with your money.

Budgeting Part 1: Creating A Family Budget
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“Do I really want to spend my money in this way?”

Why We Need to Fix the Social Security Program Now
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The argument that workers might make mistakes is strange in light of the gross errors made by the government itself.

Investments In China
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Baring a real people’s revolution, it will take until 2050 for China to complete their slow march to free markets.

The Alternatives to Privatizing Social Security Are Worse – Part 2
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It is a tragic irony that the goals of collectivism are best achieved by respecting individual liberties.

The Alternatives To Privatizing Social Security Are Worse – Part 1
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The incentives that produce wealth also produce inequity. Valuing equality above all else destroys the real wealth they are trying to redistribute.

The Value of Emphasizing Value Stocks
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Overweighting investments with average higher return and lower risk is a win-win situation.

Social Security Is Hopelessly Broken
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The wealth gap between blacks and whites widens each generation as a direct result of Social Security.

How to Get Free-Only Financial Advice
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NAPFA members give away a great deal of valuable advice.

Exchange Traded Funds
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ETFs combine tax efficiency with low expenses.

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