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Belle Didn’t Really Love Scrooge
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Belle measures Ebenezer’s love for her by what he spends on her directly. Investments count for nothing.

Tax Planning Tips for 2006
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In order to make full use of these tax-saving tips, be sure to visit your tax professional before year’s end. Once January 1st rolls around, there’s little else you can do but pay up.

Cyber Monday
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This year, the busiest day will likely be two weeks later on Monday, December 11th.

Tax Planning for Small Business Owners
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Solo 401(k)s permit you to contribute to the plan both as the “employer” and as the “employee.”

Conservation Easements
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Before executing a conservation easement donation, you should be certain that it is in line with your financial goals.

NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation
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Fewer than 20 percent of investors are financially literate.

P/E Ratio
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P/E ratio tells you how many dollars you have to invest to receive $1 in earnings.

Roth IRA vs. the Traditional IRA
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Historically income taxes have not been this low since 1931.

Virginia Is For Business Lovers
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More businesses migrate across state borders than national borders.

Qualified 529 Spending
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Virginians can take a $2,000 state tax deduction simply by flowing their money through a 529 account for a day.

Reverse Mortgages Are A Last Resort
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Although the lender almost always wins, a reverse mortgage does offer a Band-Aid solution to pending cash flow problems.

David John Marotta: What Is A Contrarian?
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The markets are brilliant long-term, but short-term they have the IQ of a gnat.

George Marotta: What Is A Contrarian?
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Buy when there is blood on the street and sell on the sound of the trumpet.

ARM Yourself For Mortgage Rate Increases
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The party’s over for home owners who sought the lower initial payments of ARMs.

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