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Eighty – Twenty Rule of Asset Allocation
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Investors are quick to forget that the markets also go down.

The French Kiss Of Death
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French labor laws have made doing business in France with French employees very unattractive.

How Your Children Can Win the Stock Market Game
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To meet your goals you don’t need to beat the investment returns of everyone else. Instead, you want a decent return in order to retire comfortably and to ensure a cash flow which will support your standard of living.

The Guillotine Of French Economic Freedom
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Although the French gave us the word ‘entrepreneur,’ it’s a wonder the term isn’t obsolete in French.

Compute Your Net Worth Once A Year – 2006
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Between 40 and 60 you should increase your net worth by half your annual take home pay every year.

2005 In Review
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2005 was a year which showed the weakness of limiting your asset allocation to US stocks and US bonds.

Eight Steps to Fix Your Broken Credit
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Do whatever it takes. Ask your mother-in-law to hold your credit cards while you are getting out of debt.

Creating A Ladder for Retirement Income
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Like the iron rods in sailing ships, bonds keep your portfolio upright in stormy weather.

Sifting Through Your Own Credit Dirt
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Credit bureaus charge to see your credit score. Save your money.

Learn What Credit Stalkers Know About You
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Beware of bogus credit companies claiming to offer free credit reports in order to gather your personal information.

How to Double Your Retirement
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Every six years you delay saving and investing you cut in half the lifestyle you will have in retirement.

Timing the Market Isn’t All Fun and Games
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Market timing is the attempt to switch a significant portion of your assets between different types of investments in an effort to maximize profits. If this is your investment strategy, good luck, because you’ll need it.

Why is Bob Cratchit So Poor?
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At first glance, this story fills us with pity for the Cratchit family, always struggling to make ends meet. But is that the true story?

Government Controls Endanger Homeland Security
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While it’s hard to muster pity for diminished drug company profits, negligible earnings jeopardized production and supply.

Medicare Part D Deserves an F
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Poor families with children will subsidize millionaire seniors.

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