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Hedge Funds Aren’t Worth The Risk Part 5 – What Hedge Funds Do Right
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You can smooth your returns without any of hedge fund’s drawbacks.

Hedge Funds Aren’t Worth The Risk Part 4 – High Fees and Poor Regulatory Control
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Wanting to avoid regulations, Hedge funds appeal to investor’s snobbery to make it seem like a privilege.

Hedge Funds Aren’t Worth The Risk Part 3 – Poor Compensation Structure
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You take all the risk, but the manager gets twenty percent of any winnings. This is not a good compensation scheme.

Hedge Funds Aren’t Worth The Risk Part 2 – Poor Performance
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Hedge claims are equivalent to “All of the coins I want to tell you about came up heads.”

Hedge Funds Aren’t Worth The Risk Part 1 – What Are Hedge Funds?
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As Hedge funds grow in popularity, beware of following the lemmings.

Rocks and Sand – Keeping Expense Ratios Low
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Good portfolios have low expense ratios and minimal trading costs.

Ruling Allows Broker Conflict of Interest
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Currently, stockbrokers can offer the same services as Fee-Only financial planners without being accountable to the same fiduciary standards. This exemption to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 has been called the “Merrill Lynch rule.”

Fifty+ Retirement Investing – Part 3
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We are gradually becoming our grandparents.

Fifty+ Retirement Products – Part 2
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Marketing promises and good friends often cloud the facts.

Fifty+ Retirement Planning – Part 1
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Many people are afraid of having their retirement progress assessed.

Look Over Your Tax Return
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Decreasing your standard of living is the quickest path toward retirement.

You’re Fired! Now Get to Work!
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“You’re fired!” can be an opportunity to work for yourself. But the best two words you might hear are yourself saying, “I quit.” Working for yourself is risky and frightening, but the financial freedom and opportunities you gain are significant.

Taxes are NOT Funny
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“April is the month,” one wit noted, “when the green returns to the lawn, the trees and the Internal Revenue Service.”

Tax Freedom Day Arrives on April 17th, 2005
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Two hours and twenty minutes of every eight hour day go to pay taxes. Three minutes go toward personal savings.

You Too Can Become A Billionaire (2005)
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On your way to becoming a billionaire, the million markers become commonplace.

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