Retirement Savings 101: Priorities
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With the income tax debate currently controlled by legislators advocating even higher rates, I don’t think you will regret having some tax free money.

Video: Be Smart When You Roll Over Your 401(k)
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There are few better investment returns than an employer’s matching contribution made to your 401(k). But after you retire or leave that company’s employment, you should almost always roll your 401(k) into an IRA for better investment choices. Being smart by rolling over your 401(k) can pay dividends for decades.

Seven Termites That Eat Your 401(k)
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We call the difference between the market return and typical investor returns the “termite gap.”

Roth Segregation Accounts
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A complex technique called “Roth segregation accounts” could earn your investments an extra 30% over the next two years.

Remember to Fund Your Roth IRA
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Historically, income taxes have not been this low since 1931.

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