UVA Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan Asset Allocation Tools

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UVA Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan Asset Allocation ToolsBackground: The University of Virginia offers optional savings programs that allow employees to tax-defer income and invest for the future. The 403(b) plans are available through Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF and the Commonwealth Deferred Compensation 457(b) plan is offered through ING. Both plans are open to all employees who can contribute the monthly minimum of $20. Employee contributions are matched at 50 percent up to a maximum of $40.00 per month for an employee contribution of $80.00 per month.  Super savers can find a link to plan maximums here.

In the 403(b) plans, employees can invest either in the traditional pretax plan or in a Roth 403(b) option. The Roth option is not available for the 457(b) plan. Choosing between the Roth and the traditional path will depend on your preference to get a tax break now or when you withdraw the money in retirement. Here’s a helpful guide to help you choose.

Instructions: We have created several asset allocation tools to aid those seeking an intelligently diversified portfolio.   All you have to do is enter your current age and press “GO” for a suggested asset allocation.  Alternatively, some may prefer to be more aggressive or conservative than is typical for those their age due to other circumstances.  In these cases, you can enter the percentage that you would like to target in stocks and press “GO”.  You can access these asset allocation tools here:


Tax Deferred Savings Plan (TDSP) – 403(b)

  • Vanguard funds got rolled into the Fidelity platform and so both can be accessed at Fidelity

Multi-Plan – 401(a): Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), Academic Cash Match Plan (ACMP), Medical Center Retirement Plan (MCRP), Medical Center Cash Match Plan (MCCMP)

  • There are four plans that all use the same investment lineup for matching funds and optional retirement plan.  This one tool will provide you with a suggested asset allocation for all four plans.


Tax Deferred Savings Plan (TDSP) – 403(b)

  • Includes some TIAA Funds. We don’t recommend the Fixed account which is not likely to keep up with inflationary pressures in coming years and is very difficult to get out of.

Multi-Plan – 401(a): (In Progress)

ING (In Progress)

In addition, the University Physicians Group offers an additional retirement benefit to clinical faculty called the BEST (Benefit Enhancement Strategy) Plan.  This retirement benefit is offered through Metlife.

Metlife BEST Plan

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