Roth IRA Conversions and Roth Segregation Strategies

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A Roth account has several tax advantages over the traditional IRA account.

Roth IRA Conversion: Are You a Good Candidate?

Fund a Teenager’s Million-Dollar Retirement

Smart Tax Planning for the Gap Years

Video: A Roth Conversion Makes Cents
Here is how to do a Roth Segregation conversion:

Roth Segregation Accounts

Video: Roth Segregations

Video: Roth Segregation Part 1: IRA Tax Law

Video: Roth Segregation Part 2: Implementation
Here are some specific Roth examples and techniques:

Roth IRAs: If the front door is closed, try the back door ($ ?s)

Roth 401(k) vs. Roth IRA (A guide for the perplexed)

IRA required minimum distributions, charitable giving and Roth conversions

Market skid may prompt Roth IRA ‘do-overs’
Here are examples using 2012 data:

Roth IRA Conversion 2012: A Roth Conversion Calculator

Last Chance for a Roth Conversion during 2012

Roth IRA Conversion 2012: Roth Calculator for Mr. Average

Roth IRA Conversion 2012: Roth Calculator for Ms. Small Business Owner

Roth IRA Conversion 2012: Roth Calculator for Mr. Esq

Roth IRA Conversion 2012: Roth Calculator for Prof. Low Income

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