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Who Serves Low And Middle Income Consumers? We do!
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The dark side argues that without commission-based sales people, low and middle income consumers will not have access to a financial advisor. They are wrong.

Does per capita or per stirpes include spouses?
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People think about marriage differently. These views and more shape the way that people want per stirpes and per capita to work.

Gift Ideas for Your Grandbabies: 1 Year Olds
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As the proud mother of a two-year old daughter, I thought I’d record some of my and my firstborn’s favorite things from this past year as helpful ideas for gifts from grandparents.

A Case Study in a Misleading Annuity Sales Advertisement
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In addition to all of the other reasons people hate annuities, seemingly fraudulent advertising and sales techniques is a major factor.

Two Simple But Effective Conversion Target Calculations
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These are two simple but effective strategies to help calculate a very good conversion target for this year.

7 Ways a Marotta-Managed Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios is Better Than Schwab Retail
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Any investment manager can use the Institutional Intelligent Portfolio technology to implement extremely different investment philosophies.

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