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Estate Settlement: Satisfying the Year of Death RMD
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The required IRA distribution in the year the account owner dies is called a Year of Death RMD.

#TBT Business Planning Must Balance Dreams With Reality
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This 2004 article contains the five steps you should take to navigate how to make your business venture more than just a dream.

The Complete Guide to Planned and Charitable Giving
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Taking these few extra steps can maximize your gift’s benefit to both you and the recipient.

Is ‘Buy On The Dips’ A Good Investing Strategy?
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“Buy on the dips” is a good strategy only because of the first word.

Roth Conversions and the Virginia Age Deduction Phase-Out
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Federal AGIs between $75,000 and $99,000 of couples over age 65 begin to lose this age-based special treatment and lose the tax savings they had at lower income levels.

#TBT High Prices For Energy Are Good!
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This 2001 post from George Marotta reminds us that “If prices are determined by the market place, there is never a ‘shortage’ of anything. There is an excess of demand because energy prices are too low.”

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