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Talking Politics With Clients
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InvestmentNews advocates lying to clients, but I think if your advisor doesn’t have integrity, you can stop there and find a new advisor.

Radio: Getting Your Finances in Order
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David John Marotta was interviewed on Radio 1070’s Schilling Show discussing getting your finances in order.

The Route from Wealth to Well-being
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We don’t write a lot about how to spend money, but an international study published this year claims to have found the route from wealth to well-being through spending money.

Navigating Your Employer Retirement Plan Fund Choices
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Since your employer’s plan usually has the most limited number of choices, pick the best it has to offer that fits with in your over all plan.

Choosing Between Your Employee Retirement Account Options
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Putting all of your retirement eggs in one basket is easy to carry, but risky. Fund your employer’s plan with no more than is necessary to get the match and then fund your Roth IRA and build your taxable savings.

An Artistic Opportunity to Meet with Marotta
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As a dedicated reader of our blog, we would love to get to meet you this Monday, October 9, 2017.

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