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Reconciling Couples’ Money Differences
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Many couples have significant issues about money. Many people’s beliefs are holding them back from enjoying life to its fullest potential. Make sure someone asks you the right questions.

Before You Say “I Do”: Money & Marriage Exercise 3
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I highly recommend that you plan to live on one salary for the first several years. This is a challenge that too few couples accept.

Social Security Planning from the 2012 January / February issue of Planning Perspectives
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“Deciding when to take Social Security benefits is critically important to maximizing long-term benefits. Benefits may be claimed as early as age 62, or as late as 70.”

Before You Say “I Do”: Money & Marriage Exercise 2
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Begin by reflecting on this question: “Imagine you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and in the future.

CAPM: The First Factor of Investing
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Modeling investment returns seeks to find an equation to predict your expected returns as much as possible. The simplest equation for the markets would be “Return equals 11.71%.” This has been the average return from 1927 through 2010, the zero factor model.

Sound Advice for Our Times from 1946
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“Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt is one of the classics which should be required reading before voting. It is interesting to see that he knew more in 1946 than the politicians of our age.

Is Money Pulling You Apart?
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Financial troubles and marital troubles go together. Does financial largess therefore also go with marital harmony? Do something romantic together: Engage a fee-only financial planner.

Radio: How To Get Thousands More Out Of Social Security
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David John Marotta and Matthew Illian discuss how to get more from Social Security by filing at the right time and taking benefits at the right time.

Before You Say “I Do”: Money & Marriage Exercise 1
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Couples that fail to prepare for a shared money maturity will likely experience longer and sharper growing pains.

Wealth, Not Cash, Spreads Prosperity
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“Unlike the government economic advisor, these entrepreneurial castaways are not making, i.e. printing, money. Instead, they’re creating new wealth by producing things that others find valuable.”

Gain $152,000 by Smart Filing for Social Security
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Social Security benefits can represent a big stack of cash. A typical monthly benefit of $2,200 has a present value well over $500,000. Consider all your Social Security options carefully to avoid making a costly mistake.

A Client Process Everyone Can Understand
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If you had the services of a financial advisor working for you, what would you want them to work on?

$ ?s: Don’t Let Your First Paycheck Go to Waste
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Q: I recently landed a job that will allow me to begin saving. My company offers a 401(k) and a 3% match, but I also have college debts of $15,000 and a credit card balance of $650. How do you recommend I proceed?

Tax Planning from the 2012 January / February issue of Planning Perspectives
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“How can you respond if these new taxes are enacted? One option is to do a Roth conversion so that you can pay taxes now for those retirement funds.”

Roth IRA Recharacterization 2012: Undoing a Roth Conversion
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Nearly everyone is an excellent candidate for a Roth conversion this year. You can always undo part or all of a Roth conversion with what’s called a recharacterization, so you can’t convert too much.

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