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Grover Cleveland, The Last Libertarian President
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“If free-market advocates could resurrect a U.S. president to deal with today’s problems, many would choose Grover Cleveland.”

$ ?s: Am I On Track to Retire at 65?
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I’m turning 45 this year and the reality is hitting me that I am now about halfway through my working career. Am I on track to retire at age 65?

Libertarian Month
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November 2011 is Libertarian politics month. Libertarians are as diverse as the Democrat or Republican Party.

Is My House an Investment?
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Just because something costs a lot doesn’t mean it is an investment. An investment is something that pays you money.

Rich Dad, Wise Daughter
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For cheap or limited edition items, desire needs to undergo a trial other than the test of time and the Wait a Week principle should be modified.

Building A Rich Defense
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Multifamily offices and private banks see an increasing need for self-defense programs that help protect their wealthy clients.

Money ?s: Shorting Uncle Sam’s Debt
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Q: Is it now time to short Treasuries? What do you think about using inverse ETFs to play the inevitable bear market for U.S. bonds?

Mailbag: Which is Better, Vanguard Mutual Funds or ETFs?
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There are four minor advantages to using exchange traded funds instead of mutual funds.

Full-Nest Syndrome
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“With more adult children relying on their parents amid the economic uncertainty – or moving back home – well-laid financial plans could get trampled.”

Price Controls Are Never Good Economics
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Starting October 1, price controls were set by law on debit card swipe fees. Such populist well-intentioned legislation reduces economic freedom and slows economic growth.

Rich Dad’s Money, Rich Daughter’s Money
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If my parents had been in control of the purse strings, I would not have learned the value of money. To a child, “My Money” is valuable where “Your Money” is worthless.

The Disaster of Closed-End Mutual Fund IPOs
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Investors in this year’s fund IPOs should be protesting. Investors who got suckered by brokers have been massacred by fees and poor performance. Their total losses — hard to believe — total about $1 billion.

Money Questions: Benchmark Your Retirement Savings
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Q: I just hit the big 5-0, and my retirement date is now in the foreseeable future. How do you suggest I assess the performance of my 401(k) and investment accounts? Do you have any benchmark recommendations? I would like … Read More

Mailbag: Is There a Certain Roth You Recommend?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. I’m also looking at a Roth IRA. Is there a certain Roth you recommend?

Mailbag: Which of These 401(k) Investment Choices Do You Recommend?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. Which of the attached 401(k) investment choices do you recommend?

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