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The Rebalancing Premium
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When choosing between two bond funds with similar returns to team with a stock fund, choose the bond fund with lower correlation with the stock fund you’re selecting

Neither Rationale for Social Security is Working
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Social Security has been called the third rail of politics. Good thing I’m not a politician. Someone has to make the tough decisions.

Retirement Plans’ Perilous Future
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Between threats of cutting tax benefits and crackdowns on non-compliant plans, for the retirement industry ‘stakes are higher than they ever were’

Can Financial Advisers Be Trusted?
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Not every investment consultant has your interests as the top priority, or even the necessary credentials. Here’s how to find the right type of adviser.

How to Maximize Long-Term Returns
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I recently read two articles that provided insight on how investors should respond to a market downturn.

Which Rich Are You Trying to Tax?
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Those productive small business owners with higher earnings are a different group from the ultra-wealthy with higher net worths.

The GAO Makes A Poor Financial Advisor
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If the GAO were giving you investment advice they would suggest that you not participate in your 401(k) and convert at least half of your retirement savings into an annuity laden with fees and expenses.

Freedom Investing
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Given the dangers of worldwide sovereign debt, this may be one time when investors should continue to tilt foreign and toward specific countries.

Video: The Dangers of Immediate Fixed Annuities
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The returns offered by immediate fixed annuities aren’t as good as they sound. The sleight of hand in this case is the immediate loss of 100% of your principal. They are fixed for you to lose and the insurance company to win.

Motivating and Helping the Overspending Client
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Most financial planners have a difficult time helping clients reduce their spending habits and start saving.

Ronald Regan: “A Time for Choosing” (1964)
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Ronald Regan’s speeches, including “A Time for Choosing” (1964) are worth watching.

Weak Debt Deal Is No Solution
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We simply can’t spend our way into prosperity.

Weak Deal is No Solution
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Calling this a “Tea Party downgrade” might be true in one sense. There weren’t enough members of the Tea Party to overcome the stubbornness of those refusing to make real spending cuts.

The Power Of Passive Investing
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A study by Morningstar cited in the Journal of Indexes shows that investors under-perform the very funds they are invested in by 1.5%. Learn how that is possible and avoid that mistake.

David John Marotta Interviewed on CBS-19 After Market Drop
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“One of the jobs of a financial adviser is to keep people from doing things that feel like the emotionally right thing to do but statistically are the wrong thing to do.”

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