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Avoid the “Ring-of-Fire” Countries
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A few months ago Bill Gross, co-founder of PIMCO and the country’s most prominent bond expert, singled out those countries heaping significant deficits on their mountain of debt and called them “The Ring of Fire.” We recommend that you reduce your investments in these countries.

Should you invest IRA Funds in Real Estate?
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Real estate could be a great investment right now.

Stop-Loss Orders Can Lose Money Quickly
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Thousands of investment advisors recommended stop loss orders to their clients. Now it looks like this advice may have been the cause of the May 6, 2010 market plummet.

Now’s Still the Time to Buy a House
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Everyone is expecting real estate to underperform the stock market for many years going forward.

Should You “Sell In May And Stay Away”?
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When the saying first circulated, May was flat. Since 1987, however, May has done phenomenally well, averaging 2.11%.

Appreciating Assets Part 2: Other Investments
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Your investments should be working for you, appreciating more than inflation to become an engine of growth that pays you money and provides some measure of financial freedom.

The Fragility Of Freedom At 60%
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In just three short years we’ve added more to the deficit as a percentage of GDP than in the three decades before.

The Fragility of Freedom at 60%
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In 1977 economist Milton Friedman wrote an article “The Line We Dare Not Cross: The Fragility of Freedom at ‘60%.'” We are in danger of crossing that line.

Radio: Taxation and Inflation
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David Marotta discusses how to shield your personal assets from the corrosive influence of government policies.

Appreciating Assets Part 1: Stocks and Bonds
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All assets are not equal. Some investments appreciate better on average than others.

ObamaCare Is the Worst Legislation in 75 Years
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Everyone in our risk pool will order filet mignon. First the costs will skyrocket. And then the meat will be rotten.

Avoid Budget Busters Part 4: Budgeting Pitfalls
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Sometimes we make the mistake of deliberately budgeting the impossible. If you purposefully set the required spending in one category too high, you won’t be able to trim other categories to bring your overall spending into harmony.

Avoid Budget Busters Part 3: Plan on Budgeting Surprises
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Many budgets are doomed to failure because of the challenge of planning for unplanned spending. Here are some of the items you either did not put in your budget or they shouldn’t be in your spending.

Radio: George Marotta’s Experiences And Career
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George Marotta is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution pursuing research on international finance.

Avoid Budget Busters Part 2: Curb Your Worst Impulses
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Get control of the spending that breaks the bank. Certain purchases that are typically both unnecessary and unplanned are budget busters. Avoiding these financial slips requires hedging some of our worst impulses and constraining our desire for instant gratification.

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