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Brotherly Agape World is $415M Ponzi Scheme
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Most consumers do not know how to safeguard their money. Here is a real world example of why breaking any of the eight safeguard puts your money at peril. Make sure that your investments are properly safeguarded.

I Just Renewed My CFP Designation. They Oppose FINRA Oversight of CFP Advisors.
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The rules which would begin to be applied to the watchdogs would not be for the sake of protecting the roost no matter how much the foxes suggest they do.

Social Security Time Machine Opens Door for Retroactive Benefits
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There are several options to claim retroactive Social Security benefits. Some retirees will find it beneficial to turn back the clock in order to receive large one-time checks when they first file.

Five Questions To Ask A Potential Financial Advisor
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“You’ll want to interview several potential candidates, and make sure you find the right person for the job. Use these questions to hire the right financial advisor.”

What is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary?
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Fi360 promotes a culture of fiduciary responsibility and improves the decision making processes of investment fiduciaries and other financial service providers.

Fee-Only Financial Planner: What’s the Difference?
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Fee-only financial planners are registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients’ best interest. They do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales.

Video: How to Find a Financial Advisor by SmartMoney.com
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Experts Explain: Finding a Financial Advisor. How to find the right person to help manage your money.

Radio: Tax Planning in 2012
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David John Marotta was interviewed on radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing tax planning in 2012 and the most important things to do now to prepare for rising taxes in 2013.

GiveBuddy.com – Dine and Raise Money for the Organization You Care About
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Last month I was eating lunch at a local restaurant when I noticed an offer by GiveBuddy.com that the restaurant would send a check for 10% of my receipt to any organization I chose.

Three Questions to Ask Before Establishing a New Company Retirement Plan
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Here are three questions that every small business owner should answer before establishing a new retirement plan.

David John Marotta an Article Competition Finalist
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David John Marotta’s article “Ten Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor” was a finalist in the fi360 2012 Article Competition.

Mystery Novels Featuring Money Manager Anderson Crown by Donald Jay Korn
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Interview with Donald Jay Korn, author of mystery novels “Payable On Death” and “In For a Pounding” featuring money manager Anderson Crown.

Emerging Market Bond Funds
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Emerging market bonds are an attractive way to get a higher yield, but historically they have come with higher volatility and a high incidence of default. But that has been changing.

Radio: Ten Best ETFs of 2012
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David John Marotta was interview on radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing why you shouldn’t hold gold or cash, how governments can destabalize economies, and what investments you should hold instead.

Crunching Numbers As Wedding Bells Toll
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Many parents feel obliged to pay for their child’s wedding, but financial advisers can try to help keep the spending under control. About one in three mass-affluent parents believe it is their duty to pick up about half the bill for their first child’s wedding.

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