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Inflation is one of the most important factors in nearly every aspect of financial planning and wealth management.

How keeping your money “safe” might lose half of it in 16 years.

Investing Mostly in Bonds Means a Lower Lifestyle in Retirement

Maximum Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement

Threats to a fulfilling retirement

Inflation Part 1: How the Government Lies About Inflation

Inflation Part 2: The Results of Underreporting Inflation

Inflation Part 3: Protecting Yourself Against Inflation

Hedge Inflation Risk with Hard Assets

Big Mac Index Shows Official CPI Underreports Inflation

How Manipulations to the CPI Affect Your Retirement Planning

CPI Inflation Rate Calculator (Experienced vs. Reported)

Spending Retirement Income Can Be Risky

Mailbag: Should I pay off my mortgage early?

Debt Talks Target Cost Of Living – Social Security falls further behind.

Cost of Living is Beginning to Rise

Greenspan, Friedman, Keynes and Lenin All Agree on Inflation

Appreciating Assets Part 1: Stocks and Bonds

Appreciating Assets Part 2: Other Investments

Safeguard #4: Buy Investments That Trend Upward
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