The Truth About Big Government

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[2:20] In order for governments to grow you need problems, problems that need fixing. This is the pressure from above, problems that weigh down on society. The pressure from below is a populace demanding solutions to these problems.

[3:46] What happens if there are genuinely no crisis facing society? How does a politician get elected. We must face the reality that governments and those they govern have different interests.
Individuals want a completely problem-free society with as little interference in their lives as possible. They do not like to pay taxes but ultimately concede them as the necessary price for peace.
For a politician a no-problem society could cost them their election platform and even their jobs.

Likewise, government bureaucrats have a vested interest in as many problems as possible. For a public servant, a problem ultimately means an increase in funding for more staff and resources which makes his job a lot easier. …

And now it becomes clear how government becomes bigger: Problem – Reaction – Solution.

Create a PROBLEM. Solicit a REACTION. Offer a SOLUTION expanding government.

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